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Letter ..4

Dear brother Paul,

So now you see it!

And enclosed is what was on my heart this week, though I've seen the need of it for long enough.

In my experience with professing Christian ministries, this particular matter which I have endeavoured to deal with in this booklet I find is their trump card as to why you can act like the devil and still be saved! (I guess it is equal in evil to OSAS/Absolute Predestination, salvation by election.)

I run into it in almost every sermon I hear and a good deal of the literature I read (except yours!)

I am hoping for Juliet to send it to Gloria Copeland! (Did I hear Amen or Oh my!?) amongst others. I don't think I would get anywhere with Kenith.

It is just that Gloria expresses often these days her concern about the, need of dealing with sin in 'Christians', surprisingly enough. But unfortunately her traditional training prohibits the remedy.

I've had seemingly quite good responses from Creflo Dollar and Jerry Savelle. They too from time to time battle with the matter of holiness etc. but of course with their feet set in the concrete of unholy Pentecostal doctrine they can’t go very far except bemoan the facts and give a little pull on their boot straps - in the Eli-to-his-sons tut-tut talk way. They are all tied to the doctrine I deal with.

Be free, brother, to use any of my material any time, any way you wish.

I won't use this one till I hear back from you on it, given its contents:

Christian love.

Brother. Donald