Luke 13:22-28.

Although the sun rose as per usual this morning and things 'appeared' to go on as always nothing stays the same and nothing really is the same as we go from day to day......with the exception of the one true God, Jesus the Christ, the same yesterday, today and for ever.
This particular article relates to a conversation I had with a bloke, named Boyan Crampton on the phone regarding the bible, hell, heaven, Christ, salvation and in general truth............( out of the heart the mouth speaks ).

Boyan claims to be a born again, water baptised, bible student  65 years old who reads greek, hebrew the Torah and has his own group, sect of peoples that worships God in their own way.

Boyan's background is from the Brethren faith, he was an accountant by profession and also an X politician from the Fijian Parliament and he is about to release his new book soon about Jesus Christ. Really one not to read if it is anything  like his beliefs which he was so proud to explain to me over the phone, these are as follows.......
  1. Satan is but a mythological being
  2. Hell is but a myth
  3. Jesus Christ is a created divine being
  4. There is no heaven
  5. Every human being goes to be with Jesus in the end only sinners lose their rewards and extra blessings (sounds a little baptist, pennycostal, evangelical, RC and anglican)
  6. St Paul the apostle has suspect writings, not all that Paul wrote is from God. Paul really has no second witness.
  7. St Paul is totally wrong when he talks about women.
  8. Men have no authority over women not even husband over wife.
  9. Boyan rejoices over such things as Pauline Hansen being freed from jail and John Howard / PM praying that God will bless the World Cup Football Final. Boyan said that he was so blessed to hear John Howard use the name God.
  10. Last and worst of all he said that he must speak the truth and that is he really doesn't believe.........all that St Paul wrote, a loving God sending people to a hell neither does he believe in judging people.
So there you have it. When I sat and listened to this man on the phone I was just blown away, like I knew that the devil was and is a deceiver but this bloke has really been set upon by dark spirits. And to think that this man is ministering this stuff and more to other people is a real shame with eternal consequences, even hellfire................Revelation 21:8.
There are literally thousands of ministries under the headings of God, Jesus, Truth, Peace, Love, Lamb, Reconciliation, prosperity, Power, Home Church, Cell Group, Prophetic, Reach Out, Reach In, Go Forward, Go Back dotted all over the globe but how many have the real Jesus with them, and over them and in them?.........(click here now).
  • Take this as yet another warning, another trumpet blast that says check the doctrine, teaching of your leader or so called pastor and if it does not match the doctrine of Jesus the Christ ring a cab immediately, if there's no cabs use a skateboard but get out.

    And we have heard from the so called pentecostals, baptists, Roman Catholic, Mormons and all the rest of the man made religious structures........'doctrine really doesn't matter', love is the key with unconditional unity and don't forget the snacks later and the bus trip and the opportunity to sing on the platform with the possibility thinking of.......I might be the next Australian (Karaoke) Idol who knows, just speak positive. Just say it from your mouth because that's what you really are what you think you are.
  • No, dear reader you are what God says you are, either you are a sinner, saint, traitor, compromiser, lukewarm or hypocrite......................hell bound or glory bound.
Test the spirits and hold fast to what is good in Jesus' eyes only.
Pastor Paul Sheehan
1 Corinthians 14:37-40

P.S. It is now Oct/2009 and Boyan ardently clings to his beliefs faithfully.

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