Making God Fun!

(or making fun of God?) .................Galatians 6:7

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Making God fun is the way to do it says the brain waves, the experts and those who esteem to and covet filling pews in unpaid for multi-million dollar buildings that were never ordered by called fun God.
Once upon a time long long ago, back in the days of Jesus of Nazareth people came to God by genuine, real, sincere - God fearing and God loving reasons much to the modern world's surprise....(Awaken - 1 Corinthians 15:33, 34).

It is seen as ridiculous, absurd, impossible, ancient, old fashioned, breaking the rules of statistics, unfair and even rude to preach the gospel of Jesus the Christ without PA systems, without teddy bears to give away latter, without a swarm of religious hypocrites to pounce on the supposed saved to get their bank card number and address. Without TV and wads of money, without pandering to the audience, without compromise and without a one hour preamble on money.

Just to say such a thing as............we need to make God more fun for the people, youth, to disrespect, mock, dishonour and slight the almighty God of creation. The usual reply to this is, God understands don't be so religious.

The world and the churches have both paved themselves a path to the very clear problems we face in society today, in case you do not understand we live in a world and a church system today which neither........fears God nor do they love him more than their families, wives, husbands, pleasures of sin or life itself.

We have churches and even so called prophets and apostles (most definitely false) preaching stuff like....born again, born to be rich $$$, live your life to the max enjoy yourself don't become a slave of righteousness, love keeps no account of wrongs/sin unrepented.......what does God say about this, the God of love......1 Peter 4:5, Matthew 12:36, Romans 14:12 to mention a few.

The world is being offered a Jesus that needs to be renovated by humans to be found acceptable, a Jesus that has no account of good or evil and requires no account for anything, a love that is void of truth and a Jesus that is a friend of the wicked world, actually esteemed by a wicked world..................James 4:4.

This is not the Jesus JTCM promotes and we want the world and churches to be well aware of it. We don't try to make church or Jesus fun to anyone for there is and could never be anything more deadly serious than the preaching of the true message of Messiah...........................reference/gethsemane, praetorium, golgotha, your soul and eternal hellfire.

He seemed to be joking.
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Matthew 10:32-42.

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