Subject: Ministry Invitation Relationship
to Minister The Gospel In Our Land…..

Dear Pastor Paul Sheehan, brethren…
Greetings from Kenya (East Africa ) in Jesus name .Great thanks and gratitude for the good work of ministry you are doing in your church and worldwide.

I am the founding Pastor/Director of ZION GATES CENTRE–MINISTRIES that has Church Planting and Outreach in Kenya, Nairobi and abroad.

When I came across your Website/ .. … through the Internet, having got all the details about you and your Ministry it moved and touched my life and Ministry at large. This is on how you network with the Body of Christ (churches & ministries) Worldwide.

It has been our prayer that we meet with brethren who can provide Spiritual oversight covering thereby enhancing Spiritual Ministration across boarder relationships. I highly desire to Network and Partner with you brethren in Worldwide Ministry, hence complementing each other in building the Body of Christ through Ministry Relationship. Personally on behalf of our Church and Ministry I take this chance to request for your Ministry Conferences in our land. This is to facilitate our growth, being Spiritually Inspired, Nurtured, Nourished and Discipled,  for Worldwide impact and impartation .
ZION GATES CENTRE is an apostolic Ambassadorial Ministry of the Kingdom of
God located in Africa, Kenya-East Africa at Nairobi.
We therefore look forward to be considered in your consortium so that we can continue to receive Apostolic teachings and structural guidance in this Great Commission God has put in us. May God bless you as you plan to network with our Ministry. We really anticipate your coming in our Country to be a blessing to us as we continue to Plan co-ordinating your Meetings in our country at large.

Yours faithfully,
Apostle: John Nalyanya Earwayne Sikenga /Director/ Founder Of Zion Gates Centre