My dedicated servant!
The following message was given to a dear hand maiden of the lord God almighty.......Yahweh. Whilst this dear sister was in fellowship with God he said these words to her............this is thus says the lord!
  • Sister Anne Elliott wrote these words down as she received them from Yahweh and gave them to Pastor Sheehan on the ........09/07/2003.
Yes, My Dearest Child!

Do not be distressed about anything! Stay with Pastor Paul, because he is the apple of My eye! He is My dedicated servant, whom I love! Please help him as much as you can, giving out tracts. It is very worthwhile, even if a few people learn about Me! The time is running out quickly for people to be saved, before the Rapture.

Yes, child - sort out your papers - top priority!

Go through everything again in this flat, and throw out what is not needed! Ask yourself  " DO I NEED THIS ARTICLE?"   If not give it away, or throw it out!-
...........time is running out.