JtCm Mission “Our Mission is the Word” .. ref/Acts 6:4

28 years (on the Frontline) in the Ministry of the Christ Worldwide. Teaching Messiah’s Doctrine in 198 Countries via our Internet web site .. www.fireandhammer.com .. Email/jtcm@fireandhammer.com ..
Utube Channel .. Juvy679 ..Facebook.. https://www.facebook.com/JTCMMission

“Fear not Little Flock, whatever your lot, He enters all rooms the door being shut, He never forsakes, He never is gone, so count on His Blessing in Darkness and Dawn. Only Believe, only Believe, all things are possible only Believe, only Believe, only Believe, all things are possible .. Only Believe”
We meet every SUNDAY 10am @ 9 SCHOOL ROAD .. Annerley-Yeronga – Brisbane .. (Only one street from the Yeronga Train Station).. sweet as .. 
Ph/Txt .. 0416 434 037
The Little Hall under the Big Tree.. “Do not be afraid little flock for your Father is well pleased to give you His Kingdom”.. ref/Luke 12:32.
Come and join us on Wednesday also @ 10am for Bible-Teaching in our  ‘Little Hall under the Big Tree’ .. tea-coffee, drinks and eats provided after meets (free take away teaching in paper, dvd and cd/mp3 formats for the studious).. ref/Revelation 22:17.  

Pastor: Paul Sheehan, his wife Sister Juvy & their Children, along with the Congregation invite all to come and Rejoice over the Soul Saving Power, Peace and Joy of the Christ Jesus and His Infallible Word-Truth.

“Take heed unto Thyself, and unto the Doctrine .. Continue in them .. for in Doing this thou shalt both Save Thyself, and Them that Hear Thee”… ref/1 Timothy 4:16 ..
‘Salvation without Obedience to God’s Word is a Lie of the Devil himself’ .. ref/Hebrews 5:9, 2 Thessalonians 1:8-9.