(Nice day for a, White Wedding)..
God drew the line in Eden, as Jesus plainly said:
‘He made them male and female for purpose of true Wed’
Else cursed He as pure Evil, with vengeance as black as Hell!
As seen in fate of Sodom, as Good Book does tell.

Then Jesus too gave warning.. As in the Sodom Days
So shall it be in the End-Time and so today the craze
That Moral and Immoral, be made to seem but one!
‘And Woe betide dissenters, who try to spoil our fun!’

Indeed they say, ‘ it’s Natural’ .. to worse be than a beast!
And e’en in high-brow places, on such filth do they feast!
And so we see that scripture, the Truth does plainly tell,
‘That Dogs return to Vomit and Sinners to their Hell’.

For love is made a Cover-All.. for Sin, though vile it be.
And Saints are meant to Nature have, that ne’er from Sin is free!
And pulpits too each ‘Sinday’ say, “Once Saved, there’s No Ado!
You’re Always Saved, can never Die, now that you’re Born Anew!”

And ‘Judge Ye Not’.. such Devils talk! (though true for hypocrite)
And many such Unscriptural Words are welcomed from the Pit!
As on the downward path of Life, (yea, death it really be)
We go as Captives of our Lusts, prentending we are Free!

But as is Fish that are quite dead, that down the stream are washed,
Just so by Public Sentiment, the turn-coat soon is Lost!
But it takes Life and Backbone Strong, to swim Against the Flow.
One such will still be Glory Bound, while rest face Doom and Woe!

So where do you my brother/sister stand, when Wrongs are labelled ‘Rights’?
As ‘Light of World and Salt of Earth’?.. Or with the Perverts Gripes?
For Jesus soon is Coming Back, to Catch His Bride-Church away!
‘Twill be a White White Wedding then and such a Holy Day!

Scriptures .. Genesis 19: 12-29, Matthew 24: 35-44, 2 Peter 2:18-22, Matthew 7: 1-6, Romans 11: 20-22, 2 Thessalonians 1: 8-9, Revelation 3: 1, Isaiah 5: 20, Psalm 5: 5, Psalm 7:9-11.. (surely something to think about) .. 16.12.2013