"No Turning Back"
(I made a promise, to follow Jesus)
Luke 9:62, Hebrews 10:39

JTCM has a vision and a mission in Brisbane City, Australia, in the world and in this life. This vision and mission is to love our God/Jesus Christ with all our hearts, strength and soul and to teach others to do likewise....

(taken from the book "Eternally Secure")

It was June/2003 and I stopped reading there at the first paragraph, page (1) of the book "Eternally Secure" written by Pastor Paul Sheehan under the anointing of the holy ghost..........click.

I was thirty years of my life chained under Roman Catholic Doctrine, then born-again in an AOG Church where I remained stagnating for two years and then I (due to disappointment) went to no church at all for six years, I then went back to an AOG Church for the last time for three years.

My very last experience with a pentecostal denomination was with 'Reach Out For Christ' (now called Brisbane Outreach Church) and that (which was the final straw) lasted about eighteen months.

When the lord Jesus saw my heart was finally focused on him only, for him only (not human relationships, marriage or otherwise) and not diverted to the friendly gatherings and a need to belong for myself and my children, he moved immediately.  And I denounced that selfish god called relationships and took Jesus Christ as my God,, hence my relationship with Father on an intimate basis began.

He led me far away from the well known, money-making, head counting orientated churches of optical success to a bonafide, God fearing, God first, God loving, holy fellowship.......click
  "While you continue to live
Continue to live for him
Who died for you
And you shall live forever
With him".....ref/2 Corinthians 5:15.
  These are the words Pastor Paul and Juvy Sheehan would have all who come into the fellowship live by. My only moving on now will be into the next room, above.....Praise God!

Sister Sue Keeley
Caboolture, Qld, Aust.
22nd March 2006

Postscript: After 41+ years I finally found a minister with the power packed delivering doctrine of Jesus Christ.....Proverbs 14:25