......John 6 : 60-69


Mr Vince McCarthy did contact Pastor Sheehan around 17th March 2003 to apologise for the letter he wrote / letter No:15 and admitted that he was wrong and that Pastor Sheehan was correct in his actions and requested to be re-enlisted on JTCM's mail list.

However it was only a few days later that he once again spoke with a minister of JTCM and requested that he again be removed from the JTCM mail list, his words were............."I can not go on with this anymore."

When Pastor Sheehan contacted Mr McCarthy and asked what was going on and what is the problem, he replied..........I go to a roman catholic church and I do not like what you say about the roman catholic church.

  • Mr McCarthy said that he was not prepared to give up his religious tradition / R.Catholicism for the words of Jesus.
  • MATTHEW 15 : 6-9

    We are no doubt in the last days and myriads of gullible souls will be literally ushered into eternal darkness all because of their pig headed pride and religious traditions.

    P.S..please check the initial letter Mr McCarthy wrote to Pastor Sheehan and compare it with the second letter and then his last word, I am sure you will agree it is 2 Corinthians 11 : 3 and Galatians 3 : 1 looking you in the face.
  • Jesus did say that all shall receive opportunity to hear the truth and no excuse will stand on the judgement day, not one.

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