Today is Tuesday 21.9.2010 and brother Rogie Amesola of Bacolod City was taking a rest outside the JTCM-Mission, Suntal Village and got himself a real beautiful blessing. That's right, he got himself saved, got right with God-Jesus the Christ, the saviour of the world.......ref/Romans 10:9, Romans 11:22 ..........click.

Pastor Sheehan had 'O Happy Day' playing on disc, pumping through the Mission and brother Rogie was tapping his foot and this was when Pastor Sheehan said to brother Rogie by holy ghost's leading......"How would you like to have a real happy day and let Jesus come into your life and heart and take your sins away"?........brother Rogie said yes, OK.....

So Pastor Sheehan prayed 'the sinners prayer' with him and for the baptism of holy ghost and the .......'O Happy Day' started for brother Rogie. What was brother Rogie's response to it all.

Brother Rogie said...."All the nails in my heart are taken away, I feel very beautiful now, wow, this is wonderful"!

Of course it is a very beautiful, wonderful and nail extracting experience......the Lord of Glory has just taken up residence within the inner man by holy ghost power and cleansed him of all unrighteousness/sin......glory to the lamb of God who came to take away the sins of the worldly and churched peoples........ref/Luke 4:18, Luke 24:47, Acts 3:23.......click.
I wonder what the Lamb is going to do at the Mission teaching meet tonight.....?????