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When a person has a true revelation of, and relationship with, God through
His Son Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit,
ONE WOULD EXPECT it to show through his or her life - their life-style, habits, interests, outlook, involvements, aspirations, devotions, demeanour and outward presentation etc.

ONE WOULD NOT EXPECT such persons to be contaminated by and conforming to, much less saturated with, the spirit of this world..........."The lusts of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life."

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NEITHER WOULD ONE EXPECT there to be a stampede to the pulpit every Sunday to pronounce to the unfaithful and adulteration of Scripture, and a justification and appeasement for sin, with such doctrines of devils as 'Judge not', 'Once saved always saved', 'No one is perfect - in obedience to God.......just forgiven'; and conversation, being born from above, is ' not a deliverance from the nature of sin.'

NEITHER WOULD ONE EXPECT a man of God to be selling his soul or competing with the world for ' the cares of this life, the deceitfulness of riches, and the lust of other things.'

...................a rubbish-tin

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NEITHER WOULD the women be looking more like Jezebel every day from the eye-brows (or hair-do) downwards, or harlots from the toe-nails upwards! - competing for the attention of every wanton eye; nor with the adornments disapproved by Scripture.

NOR WOULD women further be perverting their womanhood by tolerating the degrading influences of so-called 'feminism' (anti-feminism) or anything which smells of the like, including mother Eve back in the pulpit, and masculine forms of non-dress!
NOR WOULD ONE EXPECT the 'holy' Christian church to be a haven, indeed refuge, for sin and corruption and the fallen nature of the unregenerate man, under cover of popularity, and a Christian profession of 'faith' and claim on 'the Blood' the name of love, forgiveness and unconditional grace;

NOR a promotional centre for the carnality of this the name of Christian prosperity;

NOR an ecumenical slurry-pot for all 'Christian' (and unchristian) religions...... in the name of equality, tolerance and Christian love!

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  • But let ONE TRUE PROPHET OF GOD arise and take beatings, bashings, burnings, insults and isolation............and you will hear the Word of God calling a rubbish-tin religion (as traditional, evangelical and pentecostal as it may be) back to Biblical standards and experience.
BIBLICAL MORALS, holiness and separation, from the spirit of the world, unto God, will not be bartered for supernatural wizardry or a holy-rolling performance, entertainment shows or gospel rock concerts.

The HYBRID RUBBISH-TIN GOSPEL seed will be sorted out from the Seed of the true Word of God by which a man / person is 'born from above'.

It will not be NEW CLOTH to an old garment, nor NEW WINE in old wine-skins, but will be NEW CREATURES in Christ.

To follow Jesus will mean TAKING UP ONE'S CROSS, not one's religious comfort-cushion; and 'THE FLESH WILL BE CRUCIFIED with Christ, with the affections and lusts' thereof.

His only following would be THE HOLY REMNANT, those OUTSIDE the traditional, evangelical and pentecostal CAMP.

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The MIGHTY DOLLAR will not feature as of any importance, as though we served a decrepit depleted destitute God, whose ability to function depended on such faithless carnality.

Yes, he will be, as ever, "A VOICE IN THE WILDERNESS," with "REPENT" first on the list, followed by "THE FAN which thoroughly purges God's floor in preparing the WHEAT for the garner, but the CHAFF for unquenchable fire."

He will sort out the CAINS from the ABELS, the TARES from the WHEAT, the SHEEP from the GOATS, the HOT from the LUKEWARM, the SAYER from the DOERS, the Jesus-miracle-workers from those who are workers of righteousness..............not iniquity.

He will be as in the days of NOAH, when 8 were saved, and LOT, when 3 were delivered.

So we click on to "THUS SAYS THE LORD", and stand against the PLUMBLINE of 'what the Spirit is saying to the church today' (Revelation 2&3), that we might truly be THE BRIDE OF CHRIST (rather than the ecumenical whore) 'WITHOUT SPOT AND BLEMISH; with robes washed in the Blood of the Lamb and KEPT UNSPOTTED FROM THE WORLD, lest (in His sight especially), we walk naked, and they see our shame, and our name be BLOTTED OUT of the Book of Life' -if it was ever there!........................

THUS SAYS THE LORD! - not man! that it be not a rubbish-tin religion, but THE WORDS OF ETERNAL LIFE through Jesus Christ,
ONE WOULD NOT EXPECT...............

.............a rubbish-tin

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Brother Donald Wilson...12.07.2003