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On June 3/2004 after our family prayer time I was waiting on Father to direct me in the way which I would travel with his message for that day. The reply I received was .....Plough the Corner!

What!?.................plough the corner,
yes, Father wanted me to minister at the area of Brisbane called....... .......Stones Corner, a breeding ground for vice and sin if ever there was one.......John 16:8.

On ministering at the corner I encountered one young man who drew near with a savage anger over him. This young man took a book and a tract only to go a little further and then put them both in a rubbish bin. The first thing I thought was, what a waste of money but I also believe in the power of God.....(click here).

Now listen to this........not long after this happened a rather tall African man came along and took two books and other literature and then insisted on giving an offering of money, praise Jesus.
  • Did you know that the amount of money that this African brother gave was the exact amount, price, for the printing of the literature and book that the angry young man put in the bin. Jesus will wash his hands.(Acts 20:26, 27)
Now listen to this..........not only did Father reimburse me for my literature instantly but Father had another soul in mind in all of this. The book in the bin was put there for the hobo that will come rummaging through the bin later on, praise Jesus.

Before long I was quickened to move into the roving mode and get amongst the peoples, shoppers and have a good old chat. The first couple of hours preaching/ploughing that morn were big, they cleaned me totally out of books and put a large dent in my tracts, newsletters........glory!...(click here)

As I was roving I sang with extreme joy within knowing that the oracles of Yahweh never, never return void. Also knowing that my roving was a good thing even for my blood pressure which is most probably why the Red Cross found my blood pressure to be 110/70 (taken 9.00am in the morn a week before), free of charge, much better than doctors fees isn't it?

Ministering to the saints, his, Jesus Church
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Hebrews 6:10, Revelation 22:4.