POPE BEN - 16..........RETREATS

Ishmael/Islam of the seed of Abraham (Genesis 21:17-21) surely is making waves in the world today, yes and God/Jesus the Christ's Plan will come to pass no matter who plays what part at what cost. Maranatha!......click.

Ben/16, hardly a vintage that will prove to be popular to the palettes of religious (hypocritical) peoples worldwide if he does not smarten himself up, tone it down, water things down a little or a lot, even the whole lot, even retreat. Jesus says, he or she who lives by the sword will die by the sword.....Matthew 26:52.

As a minister of the crucified Christ's Gospel Message I can not for one minute relate the Pope's retreat regarding his recital of historical truth to any apostle, minister of the Christ. The holy bible proclaims loudly  the end results for all who dare to take the Christ's bonafide message forward without partiality and denial of truth. You will be hated by all but if you endure you will be saved.

That end is by no means the applauses of the peoples of a sin cursed earth. Our most recent witness of this was by children of the Armish Community in the USA, prepared and willing to die in innocence, the truth and the Christ's name.  I take my hat off to those children and rejoice exceedingly for their reward is surely great in heaven.

As far as I am concerned, Pope Ben has shown his true colours as a coward and a man that is neither holy nor fit to be anyone's spiritual leader/father, he is a shame to the name of the Christ, Jesus.

The entire "Pope - Muslim Clash" tells the whole world that there will be (inevitably) a One-World-Church, flanked by a One-World Government and if you don't (fall down and bow your knee to it) fall into line, you are heading for difficult days to put it mildly....Daniel 3:14-18.

If wild protests are rallied against people who recite historical events, what shall be the end of those who dare to speak the unadulterated truth of the doctrine of the Christ Jesus-God/Yahweh....2 John 9-11....selah.

● Proclaiming the one and only soul saving true doctrine of God, the doctrine of Jesus the Christ of Nazareth the man from Galilee.

Pastor Paul Sheehan
Galatians 1:10

P.S.....If I stumble pick me up, if I faulter push me on, if I retreat shoot me.......author unknown.