THE REAL BILLY disgusting

In 1948 Graham said, ‘The three gravest menaces faced by orthodox Christianity are Communism, Roman Catholicism and

- 1963: ‘I admire Pope John tremendously... I felt he brought a new era to the World’ (Chicago Tribune, 8/6/63; Michigan
City News [Christian] Dispatch; 6/8/63)

- 1967: Billy Graham was awarded an honorary degree by Catholic Belmont Abbey College. Graham told a predominantly
Catholic audience: ‘Now we can speak to one another, work with one another and be brothers to one another...That gospel
that founded this [Catholic] school, that gospel has brought me here tonight is still the way of salvation’. (Gastonia Gazette,
22/11/67; ‘Evangelical Action’, 1/2/68)

- 1968: ‘I believe there is a great deal to learn from other religions in the Far East, especially from Buddhism’. (Graham,
Japanese Press Conference; Christian Beacon, 1/2/68)

- 1972: On April 21st, Graham received the Fransiscan (Catholic) International Award for Ecumenism.

- 1973: In the Key 73 Crusade, Graham recommended Roman Catholic literature, including a biography of Pope John Paul
VI, which contained many pages of devotion to Mary, saint worship, the Mass and salvation through sacraments, etc. Graham
advertised this book as ‘a classic devotion’. (Key ’73: Congregational Resource Book; The Gospel Standard, 2/86; Brown,
‘Billy Graham: Custodian of the faith or figure of compromise?’ P.14)

- 1977: ‘We have received wondrous support from the Catholic Church.’ (Christianity Today, 3012/77)

- 1978: October - Graham peached in Poland at Pozan’s Catholic Church. He prayed that ‘The Holy Spirit would unite the hearts of the Roman Catholics and Protestants’.

- 1978: ‘I praise the greatness of the present Pope Paul the sixth’. (Poland, 1978)

- 1978: I am far more tolerant of other kinds of Christians than I once was. My contact with Catholics, Lutheran and
other leaders...has helped me, hopefully, to move in the right direction. I found that my beliefs are essentially the same as
those of orthodox Catholics. We only differ on some matters of later
church tradition. (McCalls Magazine - interview, 1978;
The Baptist Challenge, 1/95).

- 1979 : The visit of Pope John Paul II to the United States is an event of great significance...for all Americans - as well as the world. A new interest in spiritual matters could be the beginning of a new wave of spiritual revival in our nation. The Pope’s visit comes at a critical time in our world. My prayers and the prayers of countless other Protestants will be with him as he makes his journey’. (Billy Graham, Religious News Service, 27/9/79 - made available by the Billy Graham
Evangelistic Association).

- 1979: Billy Graham appeared on the Phil Donahue live show and said of the Pope: ‘I think the American people are looking for a leader, a moral and spiritual leader that believes something. And the Pope does. Thank God, I’ve got somebody to quote now with some real authority.’ (Phil Donahue Show, 10/11/79)

- 1980: Pope John Paul the second is one of the greatest moral and spiritual leaders of this century. He is an evangelist.’
He has sought to speak to the spiritual hunger of our age in the same way Christians throughout the centuries have spoken
to the spiritual yearning of every age!’
(Written by Graham in the Saturday Evening Post, Jan/Feb., 1980)

- 1988: World travel and getting to know the clergy of all denominations has helped mould me into an ecumenical being’.
(US News and World Report, 19/12/88)

- 1993: ‘That’s why it’s so important for us to have prayer groups and prayer meetings, and join hands together, whether
we’re Protestants, Catholics, or Jews, and pray, because we’re praying to the same God’.
(Jan. 1993 interview with David Frost).

- 1993:I’m delighted the Pope is coming [to Denver]...I admire the Pope even though I don’t agree with him on everything...’ (Graham, 7/12/93 interview by Joan Lunden, ABC - TV, ‘Good Morning America’; More fully documented in Christian News, 9/6/93; Australian Beacon, 10/93, P.8; Calvary Contender, 1/10/93)

- In 1948 Graham commented about the World Council of Churches meeting: ‘I believe they are going to nominate the Antichrist’. Yet since 1968 he has attended all WCC assemblies!

- 1972: Graham said, ‘There is a great need for an ecumenical Christian body much broader in scope than either the World Council of Churches or the National Council of Churches’. (FEA Nov,1972) A 1966 poll showed that Less than one quarter of the NCC leaders believe in the virgin birth and many do not believe in the deity of Christ. The NCC is also pro-abortion and pro-homosexuality. More than 100 of its leaders have been cited for aiding communists organisations. (Report documented by Darrell Turner, RNS Associate Editor, 17/8/91)

- 1991: At a National Council of Churches (NCC) meeting on 27/8/91 Graham praised the group as follows: ‘There’s no group of people in the world that I would rather be with right now than you all...we follow with great interest the things you do...And I love everybody equally and I have no problem in fellowship with anybody who says that Jesus Christ is Lord’.
(Foundation, June/August, 1991, P.34)

- Preaching in Episcopal Bishop James Pike’s Cathedral, at a Council of Churches meeting, Graham prayed for the ‘success of the current assembly of National Council of Churches’. (This same Bishop Pike denied the virgin birth, the incarnation, the Trinity, claimed ghostly contacts with his suicide son and was unofficially charged with heresy. In the San Francisco Crusade Graham had Pike on the platform and asked him to lead in prayer.)

- Astrology is all right as long as it is not taken too seriously’. (Graham in response to a question about Nancy Reagon’s association with Astrology, BBC Radio ‘Sunday’)

-I believe that a miracle can happen in these children so that they are regenerated, that is, made Christian, through infant baptism. If you want to call that Baptismal Regeneration, that’s all right with me’. (Graham, ‘Lutheran Standard’ 10/10/61; Cited fully by John R. Rice in ‘Dr. Graham’s Daring: Facing Both Ways At Once!’, P.3)

- 1993: ‘When it comes to a literal fire, I don’t preach it because I’m not sure about it’. (Graham, Time Magazine, 15/11/93)

- 1997: When asked the question: 'What do you think of the other [churches] Mormonism, Catholicism...Graham replied: 'I have wonderful fellowship with all of them...I like him [the Pope] very much...he and I agree on almost everything.' (Larry King - Live show (video evidence available) 21/1/97).

(how many really believe Jesus)?