Filipina testifies of the Power
of Holy Ghost in her life ..

(I'm the one in the bright yellow top)
I used to go to Easter Celebrations every year with the Roman Catholics in the Philippines … re/the Stations of the Cross. And one year I made a wish to God because I had marital-heartache amongst other things.

However, nothing happened, nothing eventuated, I got no results from my wish, it was like I was talking to the air, I felt so empty. And then every December I used to do the Roman Catholic Morning Mass from 4-5am between Dec 16-Dec 24… every year repetitiously.

I never used to read the bible so I never knew if the RC Priests were talking the truth or not. Anyway, there was a missing link in my life between God and I and I longed to know what it was and why I could not have a personal-tangible relationship with God. I was so empty inside regardless of my repetitious religious actions.

It was in 2009 that I contacted my sister Juvy in Australia to ask for some of her husband’s preaching DVD Messages hoping that his Message may strike a light within me. And then as I started to listen to my sister’s husband .. Pastor: Paul Sheehan preach the ‘Word of God’ in my mums house on TV Yahweh sovereignly opened my eyes in the Spirit and I began to understand the ‘Word of God’ like never before, it was so beautiful….

And the emptiness and heartache within me faded away. I then started to gain strength and go free from my past disappointments, failures and pain in my life. I started to feel like I was floating and that ever since that time my problems no longer have a hold on me, I have learnt to give them all to Jesus. It is such an enormous thing to me that I can communicate with God daily, anytime of the day or night and whenever I like, in Jesus name, this is true liberty for me. That I can go to God and talk with Him and know that He hears me and cares for me and will act on my behalf for my best.

The truth has given me such freedom and now I feel that the ‘Spirit of the Lord’ is upon me and in me, dead religion can never provide this for anyone, only a personal relationship with Jesus through Faith. Unlike before when I was a Roman Catholic .. (because I have the Holy Ghost) now I am compelled to speak out about Jesus everywhere I go and to everyone I feel led to speak to by the Holy Ghost. I have now joyfully sat under, obeyed and distributed the Word of God (literature/teachings of JTCM-Mission) daily for the past three years and couldn’t be more blessed, some days I just don’t want to stop distributing the truth, knowing the power of it and what God has done in my life through The Truth-The Doctrine of Jesus. But I also have a 9-5 office job to do .. ref/Isaiah 55:11.

May God bless you too with His Promise .. Holy Ghost… ref/Luke 11:13
Sister: Rosemarie Lobaton
Jesus the Christ Ministries-Mission, Bacolod City, Philippines.