(Clean or Unclean)?

Matthew 7:24.

ATTENTION....There are millions of saints in the world today who have performed not one miracle or healing because healing, miracles and prophecy etc...are all gifts that are given to saints/disciples of the Christ as God/Yahweh wills. To say that two miracles or more make you a saint is hog-wash and a filthy lie from the pit of hell and the (Roman Catholic Church) Harlot Church Dogma. St. Paul and Peter never wrote letters to dead saints/disciples. No one in their Godly mind writes letters to dead peoples. Mary MacKillop is no saint/disciple of Jesus because she like all 'true - RC's' (which multitudes say she is) have vowed their allegiance to The Pope and RC Dogma which forever contradicts Messiah's Doctrine. Jesus says my doctrine/way is the only way, all other doctrines are death and lies. No man or woman can serve two masters, who's your master?.....a mythical Mary, the Pope, Money, Self, Fame, Humanism, Superficial - Unity and Peace without Messiah, your wife, husband, children, religions of wealthy men and women or Jesus the Christ - God Almighty - Yahweh?....who?
..Ref/1 Corinthians 12:1-11, 1 Corinthians 12:28-31,....2 John 9-11 ..Selah.
Uniting Church Assembly, General Secretary/Ted Corkin said back in 2003 that he took a shine to "all" saints day and even called himself a protestant (along with the uniting church I guess) but what does the uniting church today protest about and is their protest anything the Christ of old would disapprove of or object to?

One thing I am sure and certain of and that is, the Jesus of holy scripture objected to all forms of sexual immorality (said they were damnable) and he also disapproved of any other doctrine/teaching other than  his, established bible canon. Not to mention the annulling of the old testament priesthood at the hill/golgotha .....Matthew 27:51, Hebrews 6:19.

The uniting church has great joy in associating themselves with the likes of 'Mother Teresa' who was a roman catholic to the core.

Many a religion and professing christian, reverend, father, doctor, bishop, pope and pauper have considered 'Mother Teresa' as a saint and more but have they not said the same for the Princess of Wales, Lady Dianna who was renown for her marriage to an English Prince and at the very same time had herself boy-friends, playboys, lovers on the side till the day she died. Maybe Sir Elton John (husband of one man) was right after all "Everybody needs a part-time Love/Lover". Just read the book "A Simple Path" by Mother Teresa and you will see that Teresa was no follower of Jesus the Christ.....Matthew 12:34.

Surely something we need to consider next time we start to throw that word 'saint' around. And while you're at it check their beliefs and the doctrine/teaching they profess to adhere to and ask them who their God really is.......could it possibly be Jesus the Christ?

It is no doubt a sign of the times that people, religious people would entangle themselves with the affairs of this life and some even choose to involve themselves with 'idol affairs' with the so called spiritual leaders cheering them on. Simply another ploy of the One-World-Church/Christendom, most certainly something that is of no interest to 'the holy remnant' of the Christ who were commanded to come out from among such folly long ago. Thank God for that.

Balaam was a saint (at one time) but the scriptures say he chose to depart from the truth to go another way, the way of error for he was more fond (as the majority are) of what could be gotten on the road of unrighteousness.....2 Peter 2:15.......selah.

According to scripture, there be only one true saint and that one is he or she who does what the doctrine of the Christ has stated and does it to their end/death. Once again I stress JTCM's belief and that is the 'Roman Catholic Doctrine' is not the Christ's of the holy bible. And that the Queen of (the Anglican Church) England, Elizabeth/2 is a big player in the One-World-Church, Ecumenicalism and the uniting of "all faiths and all saints" whatever your beliefs, fancies, taste, morals or ongoing unrepented sins, absolute predestination tagging along in some unexpected place, fashion/mask, with John Calvin in the drivers seat singing his favourite song "Gods Gunna Get Ya There No Matter What Ya Do"!.....Amen.

I found (without partiality) that Mr. Bruce Mullan's article (on page 1 of the "Journey" Nov/2006) would be the best example of "soft soap religion" and the exaltation of "ecumenicalism" I have ever eye-balled for some time. Ten out of Ten Bruce for compromise. Is 'ecumenicalism' any different than halloween?.....yes, the eggs end up on Jesus face, again.

All Saints 'Day' or a saint everyday?
St. Paul of Brisbane (pastor, apologist)
Galatians 1:10

P.S. Next you'll be trying to tell me that Gandhi was a saint. He did a lot of fasting they reckon. And he surely lived lean. Would no doubt receive a yeah from 'Teresa' but Jesus would have to say 'go away from me', if the scriptures of the holy bible are still valid or ever were. .....2 John 9, 10, 11.