Sex and the City?......

The television program .. sex and the city is basically a shameless, up front view of immoral lifestyles in America and of all places .. New York.

The big apple is no doubt responsible for some of the biggest t.v.. success stories of time, itself, not the success that God, the holy God talks about anyway .... good success ... Joshua 1:8.

The hunger for success, fame, fortune in the world today is I believe at a all time high and it’s no different in christendom, church gatherings. Any man or woman in the marketing business would tell you to your face .. sex sells and if your not prepared to lower your standard and everything else, you will not survive the rat race to hell fire and brimstone.

Some would say uncleanness has flowed into the church relating to overflow in the world but I dare say that most churches have willingly opened their door for the sake of saving face but what about soul. As one man said, evil will always live where good men have decided to shut their mouths and say nothing... there’s a little truth in that saying.

It's my belief that satan/the devil/the serpent of old has sown up the mouths of many church leaders with the thread called sin but the righteous are as bold as lions.

The word love once again being used in place of lust, sunny sermons with their usual three points .. money, unity and don't judge .. are the order of the day while Jesus waits patiently outside the churches, hoping that there might be but one or maybe two that would desire to be sober in a world drunk with sin.

All that we really have to look forward to is .. love childs, love prophets and love games. Children born out of wedlock, prophets that proclaim peace and increase and song writers like John Paul Young singing about .. the game .. of love, which he says all must learn how to play, that is, go from one partner to the next. And do church leaders of today have anything more to offer the people than the slop of the degenerated world with a different cover on it???..

Is there a standard at all left in the earth that any can esteem to that will please God and allow them to be counted worthy on the great day of our Lord?

LUKE 21:36

Paedophilia is growing fast and church leaders all over are being called upon to give account, only to find that these dogs have not been brought to justice ....

One husband and wife have recently given me a written testimony telling how their 12 year old son had been at a cell group run by the AOG/Mt Gravatt and the youth leader also a school teacher was holding games that only could be described as perverted.

Apparently, the young boy told his mother the youth leader chased him and tried to undo the zipper of his trousers and when he failed in this the leader then decided to pull the boys trousers down with a yank. As others came to see the sight which was supposed to be the game taught by this cell group, the leader then went back inside the house. The house belonged to a Pastor of that AOG Church ...


The AOG were too quick to toss Jimmy Swaggart out of their so called cream of the crop denomination, condemn him and endeavour to destroy him and look what they harbour in their own houses... hypocrites or what?

When the parents of the boy wanted answers from AOG it was all hushed up overlooked and put into the cylindrical filing cabinet once again, the rubbish tin. So the parents decided to use their given titles which they had received from the Pentecostal church they were attending at the time and blow me down with a feather .. they ignored that also, obviously with no respect even to these parents God given positions ... so what now?

  • The names, titles, the church and all involved are available to the right authorities to take further action. Judgement does start at the house of God.

The parents still can not believe that these church leaders accepted such perversion in a so called pastors residence... but are they pastors or just impostors, money makers and social climbers... hirelings?

Getting back to our title .. sex and the city .. have the churches become so brazen that they think God can not see their thoughts and that God will one day judge them guilty or innocent. One man came to our church/little flock, some time back and attended the fellowship for a season and while there he gave me a book called .. How to market your Church.

I simply told the man that the book belonged in the bin by the fence and did just that, put the book in the bin. It would have cost some money, nice hard cover, pretty colours, well known publisher but the contents was slop.

Oh, the hyper faith teachers with their hypochondriac congregations, the money makers with their worldly shrewd catch phrases the purgatory paedophiles lurking in the home cells .. there is one particular scripture that warns Gods people about all of this evil and its ...


Woe to you scribes and pharisees, hypocrites! for you cleanse the outside of the cup and dish... but inside they are full of extortion and self indulgence... Matt 23:25.

We can pluck our eyebrows, adorn our heads, dry clean our clothes and strut around vanity fair... we may have not a hair out of place on our head and speak like a royal but what is the condition of our heart, clean or unclean?

Outward appearances are merely for the eyes of men and women to behold but God looks upon the heart! It's just too easy to fool men and women; there was even a prophet of God who was fooled by appearance at one time.

Samuel the prophet said... surely the Lord's anointed is before Him! But the Lord said to Samuel... do not look at his appearance or at his physical stature, because I have refused him... for the Lord does not see as man sees... for man looks at the outward appearance but the Lord looks at the heart... 1 Samuel 16:6,7.

The message of the true prophets is always based on salvation and judgement!

We may live our lives the way we choose but there is only one way to the place called heaven and that is through Jesus Christ the righteous. If we don't follow Jesus every day and all the way, we will not see heaven but I will guarantee you that you will find the eternal fire of hell. God will refuse many a well spoken, highly educated, well behaved, neat and tidy, well liked religious people on the judgement day, all because their heart is not right with God. They shall have an appearance of Godliness but all their life they continually ignored the commands of God Almighty. If we shall do as our Lord Jesus has told us to do, we shall be safe... if we ignore Jesus' words there is no doubt... we shall be doomed to destruction, the fire of hell. Jesus Christ is saviour and judge of the souls of the human race.. Amen.