To all the readers..

Now that Iím 11 years old, a few things have changed in my life, for I now see things a little clearer than I did when I was younger. I still love Jesus and my family and my brothers and sisters in Christ, but now thereís a real lot of Joy in the ĎWord of God -The Bibleí and when we have meetings at our Church itís more interesting then when I was younger.

I see lots of things happening in the world today on TV and Iím glad my family and I know Jesus. All is well at home and I like going to school, this year Iím in Grade 6. I play tennis too, (Hot Shots Tennis) itís good exercise and fun ..
Proverbs 11:2 says .. ďWhen pride comes then comes shame but with the humble there is WisdomĒ.

I have found that itís best to be humble, not a boaster or bragger and then we have peace. Like, we arenít troubled then. Humble people are nice too. So I hope that Jesus blesses everyone reading this letter and that your year in 2014 is full of peace and joy.

Sister: Hannah Lyn Sheehan