September 2013

Here is a secret....the most beautiful life of all...the opposite of being 'sold under sin'....alternative living at its best!

As we probably know, to be 'sold under sin' is the non-christian human condition...the pre-converted state (which brother Paul, especially, leads us out from in Romans 6-8, taking as an example his own experience of unconversion (though highly religious), followed by true-conversion - salvation from sin.

To the list of such terms as conversion, salvation, moral perfection/sanctification (i.e. Obedience), saving faith (including repentance), amazing grace, agape such an incredible list we could add as a smile, 'Sold out for Jesus!'

And this we can also know for sure, that, anyone who is sold out for Jesus is NOT 'sold under sin!' For when Jesus is given control, flesh-control is not an option. For we cannot serve two masters, as we probably know. It is impossible to have divided loyalties.

[Note: Sin is really flesh-given-control in preference, indeed, in opposition to, Christ-given-control. But flesh-in-control is really flesh-out-of-control, isn't it, which in itself is quite a neat definition of 'unconversion'....certainly not 'salvation'! Amen?]

With Christ in control (up to the light we have), of course we expect our God-given 'flesh' to be alive and well, and continuing to do what God made it to, to faithfully remind us of our God-given makeup, needs. Such remindings by way of our feelings, desires, appetites then, are normal, and are not sinful when submitted in their outworkings to the will and boundaries of their Creator.

It is like a powerful car giving its control over to a good driver, indeed the designer-maker, who takes it in a forward direction (rather than in reverse), to do what it is made to do...on the road marked 'right'.....the 'straight and narrow'!

Or to use another parable: When a person inadvertently has contact with, say, a hot element, and feels pain, that feeling is not a morally bad thing, is it. Indeed, that is how we are made to feel. But what we decide to do (our reaction) as a result of such a sensation, that is the important thing isn't it, whether we move or remain (perhaps like 'the frog in the pot' scenario!); plus whether we do what we conveniently can to avoid such a thing in the future. Right?

So it is spiritually for a person in Christ Jesus. We respond to that which is detrimental, according to the new spirit, interests and love of Christ within. And therefore 'there is definitely no condemnation for such a person, being in Christ Jesus, that is, we who are not dictated to by the flesh, but led by the Spirit', (Romans 8:1) a few words, 'sold out for Jesus!- not the flesh. We are converted!

Like a small child, our flesh needs to be taught that it is not necessarily a good thing to have or indulge in every natural whim and desire.

A take-over by Jesus is the real answer, isn't it.....our selling out to Him! How exciting! we can truly say....
'Where He may lead me I will go,
For I have learned to trust Him so.
And I remember 'twas for me,
That He was slain on Calvary!

   'Jesus shall lead me night and day;
   Jesus shall lead me all the way.
   He is the truest friend to me,
   For I remember Calvary.

'Oh I delight in His command;
Love to be led by His dear hand.
His divine will is sweet to me
Hallowed by blood-stained Calvary.

'Onward I go, no doubt nor fear,
Happy with Christ my Saviour, near;
Trusting some day that I shall see
Jesus my friend of Calvary.'


I'm following the Master;
I'm following the Lord;
I'm keeping close to Jesus,
And I'm trusting in His word.

He leads me by His Spirit,
He cleanses by His blood;
I'm keeping close to Jesus,
And I'm trusting in His word.

Whatever be my pathway,
In sunshine or in rain,
I know my life is safe with Him;
I know the end is gain.

I'm following the Master;
I'm following the Lord;
I'm keeping close to Jesus,
And I'm trusting in His word.
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