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You may have noticed and you may not have noticed that our message on .....The Armour of God......shows a man dressed in armour with no sword and no shield.

These are the very things missing from the churches in Australia today and throughout the entire earth.....(click here).

The words/teachings of the Christ and Faith in Yahweh instead of money, bar codes and numbers.......selah!

With the armour of God/Jesus, every single part forever leads all back to the same place......the oracles, sayings, words, teachings, truth, commands of Messiah.... ...........James 1:22.(reading and doing).

Most church goers and leaders don't even know that the sword and the shield are missing, they are Laodecian and prove it to all. Their folly is manifest to all by their price tags, bar codes and worldly principles just as St Paul said to the Colossians and St John said to the born - again, Spirit filled but not Spirit led Laodecian Denomination of the past and present day.....Colossians 2:8, 2Timothy 3:1-5.

The Full Armour of God/Yahweh is precisely, perfectly and simply described in this manner.......


  • I will give you shepherds that will feed you with understanding and knowledge...........of Yahweh........... (in accord with his Jesus heart).....Jeremiah 3:15.

    Pastor Paul Sheehan
    Barking real loud on a daily basis!
    Isaiah 56:10, 11.

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