Greetings Paul, Juvy and all the christians at the church in Brisbane/JTCM.

I believe it's best for us all to walk on the narrow road that leads to life. We're really not missing much by losing interest in the things of this world........Matthew 7:13,14.

Paul, I wish to thank you for teaching us 'very important information'. I believe you really care for the souls in our church/JTCM. Thank you for telling us the truth as it is. I also wish to thank all the brethren at the church in Brisbane.

I have seen first hand the effort you put in to serve and help your brethren. I believe you love the lord and one another at JTCM......Psalm 133.

I encourage you to continue in these things and to support one another through good and difficult times. The glory belongs to our lord Jesus Christ.

He has blessed us indeed.
Brother Thomas L.

18th September 2006


P.S. If the lord wills, I hope to return and see you all (in 2007) next year....amen