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    Pastor Sheehan asked for a courteous request to annul the faxes sent but only scribble was sent back from whom he knows not. (The 'recent request' was scribble on top of the fax we sent them).

    yes, even the worldly and ungodly get formal and official, courteous and even sign their name, titles and reasons why they disapprove.

    However no such thing could be expected from the courteous, loving humble of todays' most important world loving church leaders and their hired staff........could it?.......2 Timothy 3: 1-7.

    And as you see from above no one brave enough to own to the request, no one sincere enough, honest enough, genuine enough or Christ like enough. Every man in the bible put their name to their words. Where's the men?

    God works in mysterious ways, unplanned ( outside of man's plans ) ways and unwanted ways and men along with women fight it tooth and nail to their own detriment.........selah!...........( Hosea 6:5 )

    God Almighty, Yahweh has never said he came to earth to give people what they want but what they need.........this is the whole problem today isn't will / want ........not his will / want be done........amen.


    • From the shepherd's wife
      Sister Juvy Margen Sheehan
      Book of Psalms 66:20.
    Footnote: Since when does God need an invitation to rebuke wayward churches?