Are you angry with sin?

Or are you a friend of sin?.. have you anger rise up in you when you are in the company of those who blatantly live in sin and smile at it, as if you have a problem and they have come to a place where sin is actually a friend of' theirs ... 2 Peter 2:7,8... Matthew 21:12-17.

The world and carnal christians seem to know how to get along with sin, it has become a way of life for them, they are skilled in living in the double standards mode. If I remember anything .. I remember the hour I got angry with sin .. alcohol, nicotine, drugs, coarse communication. The moment I got angry with my sinful way of living, the almighty heard my cry and the transformation started ... I'm still angry and loving it!

I'm still angry with every false way and falsity, evil practice and evil thought, word and deed. It was through the precepts of my God/Jesus the Christ that I gained understanding that there is life after sin.

One of my chief hates that I continually feed is my hatred toward sin, I do this by the reading of the .. full counsel of God. Knowing too well the destruction, it brings, I remind people daily along with myself that if a toehold is given to this spiritual disease that was passed down from Adam and Eve, it will surely leaven the whole lump... James 4:17.

Sin leads to sin and sin leads us on the miserable path to death and hell fire. People who run around talking about love and singing about love and when they hear a man who is angry with sin and its wages they are usually the first to say .. you need to preach about love. My friend, the Beetles, John Paul Young, Guns n Roses, Elvis and myriads more have talked and sang of love and what good did it do?.. did these poor souls ever really know love .. the love that God almighty talks about?.. Corinthians 13:6.

I am angry with sin and loving it .. I would like to challenge all those who have a problem, a long term problem with sin to start hating it and looking at your sin through the eyes of God/the holy scriptures and see what happens.

Most people live in the defeatist realm of ..I can't do it!.. your perfectly right, you can do naught but He/Jesus can do anything, nothing is impossible with Him. Instead of looking for company and fellowship with people who will accept your sinful ways, look for fellowship with those who hate sin and see what will happen. Let me tell you what will happen, any person worth their salt would start to change. Always remember false prophets for false people.

We can put to death the deeds of the body by walking in the spirit and if we can't then God is a liar and the cross of calvary was of no avail, this is by no means true .... Romans 8:12-17.

Yes dear reader .. I am still angry with sin and loving it .. amen.
P.S / 06.01.2001