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The following letter was written by a young lad whose name is Adam Young and who at the time of writing this letter was in grade 6 at school. The letter was written for Pastor Paul Sheehan and his family.....................

"The Ipswich City Council decided that there should be a new school at Rosewood. So they built a school in Rosewood and called it the Rosewood State School. So Adam Young and Brendan Hall were the only kids at the new school they quickly made friends and they shared everything they had.
Adams mum's name was Carol and his dad's name was Steven, Brendans mum's name was Barbara and his dad's name was Byron, he was a vet. Adam and Brendan were both christians.   

More kids came to the school and as they came Brendan and Adam told them about Jesus, took them to church and got them baptised and when the kids came they kept on coming to church and becoming christians.

Very soon all the teachers, school staff and even the principal became a christian and the school became very strict in Christ.

Then Jesus came back on a cloud and the whole school (with families) went to heaven on the cloud, God was very pleased.

Altogether there were seven hundred children, one hundred teachers and two hundred staff, one thousand people altogether, Pastor Paul Sheehan knew everyone and we all partied with God, Jesus and Holy Spirit.

There were cries coming from the earth for they knew what was going to happen the world would blow up for thats what the bible said and Adam Steven Young told them........thats why they were screaming, they were going to hell. Besides that we had a great time partying in heaven. I met Job, Abraham, Moses, Noah and the twelve disciples, the sight was glorious. Shining angels were partying also as well and then we went to sleep.

When we woke up God told us that we were here to stay then he gave us a crown with jewels around it. Every day was better than the first day, we were here for eternity, forever. And I thank Pastor Paul Sheehan for teaching me the truth and telling me.....'who cares if someone punches you for preaching to them'......so I preached to the school now they are praising and singing to God and I got thanks from all them kids and teachers and staff and the principal."

The End.
Adam Young / sixth grade.

Bible ref: Matthew 28:19,20
1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
Luke 21:36
Matthew 10:1-42
Revelation 6:14-17..........(bible ref: provided by the pastor)
2Peter 3:10-13