"The Parable of the just and great King"

There was once a large group of nations of people that observed days of festivals annually. These festivals were especially family and social affairs in which people would join together to eat and drink at feasts.

In the nights of these festivals, revelers would become drunk and would utter many perverse and useless words. The people of these nations also worshipped idols and practiced injustice and many other forms of evil continually.

In those same generations within the same nations' lived a minority of unique peoples, who lived in every nation on earth. There was also a great king called, 'the king of kings', whose kingdom was and is the greatest and most powerful of all time, and His kingdom has no end but continues forever. Now it happened that both the king of kings and the minority of unique peoples did not observe festivals or any specific days which the majority of the people of the nations observed. However,, every day of the year, the minority of peoples met with the great king, and they served him and had a very close loving friendship with him...Galatians 4:8-11, 1 Peter 2:9.

So it happened that the people of the nations tried to insult the great king's 'followers' by saying to them, "Why do you trust in this king and why do you spend so much time with him when you should be joining with us to eat, drink and become drunk?" To the shame of some members of the minority they gave in to the pressures of the people around them, and they joined with the revelers, they became drunk each week and cursed with their tongues and worshipped their idols.....Jeremiah 10:1-10.

At the same time, there were members of the minority that always remained loyal to the great king as they met with him and served him daily with gladness. The great king was undoubtedly the best of friends with His loyal followers, even as family.....2 Corinthians 6:11-18.

Moreover, the king of kings had authority over all rulers on earth and ruled over all powers. He gave the people of all nations the opportunity to serve him and have a close and valuable friendship with him. However, the majority of peoples refused to serve him and questioned his authority. Even the leaders of the nations and many people who were supposedly teachers of the great king's people disrespected and defamed the name of the great king as they deceived the people and encouraged them to continue to fellowship with evil peoples, to eat and drink with them and become drunk, to worship idols and to refuse to respect and submit to the great king.......Colossians 2: 9, 10.

Furthermore, the great king warned all people that they would suffer terribly if they refused to change and turn from their evil ways and if they did not become reconciled to him. Even so, many people cursed the name of the great king and ill treated his servants daily, so the great king's anger was hot against his enemies....Acts 3:23, Psalm 2: 4-6....Selah.

Day after day, year after year and generation after generation, the people of the nations and their national leaders continued to rebel against the king of kings and did not want to know him despite the fact that the king actually provided all of the nations with food, water, clothing, shelter, warmth and shade and all material necessities that were needed for all communities of peoples.....Psalm 24:1.

Finally, it was time for the great king to judge all people in the world including his followers. To his followers that 'remained loyal' to him he gave them authority to rule with him, and he blessed them abundantly and gave them a great inheritance with rest from their labors forever and ever.

The great king then judged all the people that chose to rebel against him, and he condemned them by sending them to a place of eternal pain and darkness, where they would suffer from severe pain and torment and would feel regretful forever and ever....Revelation 21:8.

Then with the great king's former followers that became traitors by rebelling against him, compromising his requests and joining forces with his enemies, he was more displeased with them than he was with the rest of the majority of peoples, so he punished those traitors very severely indeed as he reserved the darkest of eternal darkness for them. Those people were then condemned to a place of severe pain, darkness, torment and regret, where they and the rest of the king's enemies would have no rest forever and ever; while the just peoples were greatly rewarded by the just and righteous king of kings.

2 Peter 2:15-22, 1 Peter 4:1-5, Revelation 3:14-22, Hebrews 10:26-31......click.

* Brother Thomas Loftus
"A subject of the just and great king Jesus the Christ"

P.S ...........All scriptures used are reference. If you subject yourself to the King you will also be in subjection with Father.......Hebrews 12:9, John 14:23, 24.

"Honesty, Truth and Humility with Jesus as Preeminent"