........are you desperate to be someone?


We live in a world where people are desperate to be someone. People at large are at a loose end concerning their own personal identity and the place where they really belong. You belong in the Christ in obedience..........Hebrews 5:9.

This is a major concern especially when it is close to home or the churches so to speak. Literally millions of dollars weekly are wasted by people looking to find their origin and their lot in this life, in this world...............1 Corinthians 15:34.

Let me give you a little advice
........don't try to be anyone just walk with God, Jesus the Christ and he will show you who you are and what he has called you to do for him in this life..........Acts 9:6.

Different ones over the years have said to me in their call yourself pastor by title but how is it that you say you are a prophet?

A pastor is one who looks after sheep, teaches them and caters for them, feeds them knowledge, understanding and even natural foods............pastors are hospitable friendly fellows. The pastors usually take their sheep home to eat off their table.

Prophets are those whom almighty God has always used to break rocks in the spiritual realm, pull down, uproot, destroy and throw down all that is false among almighty God's peoples. These men, prophets, are also master builders, builders of strong, holy, righteous, God fearing, devil fighting peoples.......1 Peter 2:9.

Prophets are masters at making heroes out of cowards, the brave out of whimps and endurers out of seasonal sprinters, the prophet does all of this not by his might, his power or intellect but by the spirit of God / holy ghost the paraclete the one who empowers him...........( reference the Wilderness Journey ).

Lets consider the prophet Amos who was not a prophet ( yet was a prophet ) called by yahweh into the christian arena to set things straight among God's peoples from the leaders to the pew warmers. It was no different for Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Micah and Micaiah to mention a few and what about brother Silas?.................Amos 7:14,15.

Was not Jeremiah a shepherd who hurried not away from following yahweh the God of holiness and a holy people..............Jeremiah 17:16.............. Pastor Jeremiah the prophet.

It derides most people to think that a person whom they consider either inferior or equal with them would be sent by almighty God with a message and a calling that is out of their reach and over their head, greater than theirs..........Genesis 37:1 - 11.





Although many have craved the title, authority and awe of the mantle of the prophet very few have ever managed to go the distance or complete the job.It's a rare call that only God can qualify.

Are you desperate to be someone in this life? yourself in the Christ and then your true colors will come shining through. You won't need churches, men, women or groups of religious intellects endorsing will simply walk ye in it. As I have always said to every man and woman who has ever dared to sit under JTCM teachings.....if you are gifted, you are already there just walk ye in it. But if you are not gifted and you are just of the.......would be's if they could be's club or the novice puffed up with pride you are heading for a very painful fall and though it tarry it will come..............John 3:27.
  • If you are one that gets your message from web sites, christian mags, video of the month teachings or by religiously attending conferences, seminars and the likes you need a leader, shepherd and you need to give up your present life that you may find it now and forever.......for his names sake. There is revelation beyond the Amplified Bible.
I have seen men and even women today called pastor who hold a laminated piece of paper to prove it who would not even be accepted as true christians if St Paul was to interview them and yet they seat 500 on their padded seats'weekly........................Jeremiah 5:31.

They usually have around 100 departments, 50 pastors, 50 elders, 50 deacons and only God knows how many administrators to cater for a church of 300. And we haven't mentioned the big band yet or the chorus girls ( would be Britney Speares )

Where in the world is all of this leading?............I dare say to the very place where Jesus wants all of his disciples...the cross, the place of no reputation, the place of great commissioning, the place where he is and you are no control but rather in his / God's control............halleluyah!

No more trying to be what the prosperity preachers and teachers say you can be without him / Jesus calling you to be in the first place. Be yourself in the Christ, get your own message, don't be a copy cat, ask Father what he has called you to do and do it. He may have called you to be a beggar at a beautiful gate all your life just so that the angels may come and escort you home to glory personally..........who knows?...........only Father..................Luke 16:19-30.

Yahweh didn't make you to be King Solomon he made you to be you. Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus just to take him at his word just to rest upon his promise just to know thus says the lord!.............amen.


  • Pastor Paul Sheehan
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