The Fearless man With The Terrible Fear.





How many professing christians and church leaders are governed by what surrounds them, the amount of money they have and the environment they live in. In the world and when we are of the world, we are usually products of our environment and allow ourselves to be dictated to by rich fools, high minded deceivers and superficial systems... not anymore, Ecclesiastes 1:1,2.

King David was wealthy, healthy, wise, a king, a mighty soldier, a writer, a poet, a prophet and the list may go on .. yet, he was on his knees, a wasted man at this time in his life. This fearless man had a terrible fear over him, it was the thought of God/Yah leaving him and the Spirit of God being taken from him ... I believe that this is something to fear with all your heart, like David did... Matthew 10:28 * Judges 16:20.

In this scripture, we see clearly that Gods Spirit or Holy Ghost, is all that David was concerned about. Many have lost sight of what is most important in their lives and therefore are being deceived by the evil one, the one who was the beautiful cherub .. satan. Satan had the Christians of the Laodecian church deceived into thinking that they were wanting nothing, they didn't even miss the presence of Jesus in their church nor did they miss holy ghost. They couldn't tell the difference, they most assuredly thought that Jesus was there and that they were actually moving in the Spirit, like many churches today.. you do not know!!.. Revelation 3:17.

Jesus said that they/the laodecians were poor, David although a king was.. not counting out his money but crying out to God. No matter how rich we be in the things of life only God is able to make us content and give us peace of mind.

Whether we be rich, poor, educated or uneducated, great or small, known or unknown hated or loved, betrayed or befriended .. only God/Yah can stabilise us in the midst of the storms of life. Only holy ghost can take us into the safe place, the hiding place. I am convinced, completely assured that I could have no greater or more secure gift, blessing or help than holy ghost.. which was made available by the precious blood of the Lamb/Jesus of nazareth. Because I can now walk in the Spirit for I am alive in the Spirit, I see all things that are upon the earth as rubble, dead weight and a waste of precious time.

David seen that all he had, was and would ever be, was naught if he had not God with him and holy ghost as his guide. Galatians 5:25.

When men and women are truly living in the .. Spirit!.. there is very little thought for what they shall wear, eat or where they shall live, it moves them not .. where your treasure is, there shall also be your heart.. Colossians 3:1-3.

A living being, God the holy ghost, dwelling in us/the followers of the Christ, what joy floods my soul, what peace is mine, what indescribable riches are laid up for such as would dare to spend and be spent for Him/my God/Jesus.

Amen...... Philippians 2:19-24.

Pastor Paul Sheehan