Requires no repentance / turning away from sin, protects the guilty, frowns upon the exposer in turn plays God, denies scripture and strengthens the hands of ref/Mrs Eli - 1Samuel 2:22-25. (Click here)
It is the gospel of the lord Jesus the Christ which is, able to save the soul, giving peace for the mind and joy unable to be described and none other..................amen.


Whether it be in the home, the schools, the workplace, the churches or anywhere else we continue to hear on increasing levels..............the gospel according to mum ..............being preached. What is the gospel according to mum?

Basically the old saying of..........mother knows best along with Jezebel telling Ahab to leave it all up to her she knows best, Rebekah saying to Jacob you just obey me never mind your father and Eve giving the forbidden fruit to Adam her husband. All of this and more forever leads us to the disastrous end of women leading men and men allowing women to lead them......... (another gospel) 2 Corinthians 11:1-4.

Pulpits are filled with the gospel according to mum these days and more than this, women priests, women lesbian priests, Reverend women lesbian priests and domineering, boisterous, brazen women claiming to be God sent lead churches across the world, lead people on an emotional merry-go-round directly past the gospel of lord Jesus the Christ..........(maternal ministers instead of agape ministers).

My own mother was a friend, housekeeper, mother and servant,
God bless her dear soul yet she was of no eternal good to me when I was bound by alcohol, drugs, nicotine and sin. Her gospel was a good intention that made no real change to my pathetic condition. Once again she was a dear soul to me and all who ever knew her. We must remember that dear souls are not able to save our wretched souls but Jesus can, his way on his terms and no other way can it ever be or was............Salvation belongs to the lord Jesus not mum or dad or us.

When I look back on my mum's gospel and all gospels according to mums as well as the type of gospel most are getting today in churches whether they be.......traditional, pentecostal or orthodox they all have the pillow for the head, the pat for the back and the smile for the sinner......absolutely useless!

There is no rebuke, correction, admonition, conviction of their sin or shame for behaving in such a way just the usual good behaviour sentence at least until next time anyway with a pat on the back from the judge/minister who is so loving, generous such a support (set back) to the sinner. Have you ever noticed that when a child is about to be disciplined by their dad that they run to mum looking for mum to quote her gospel hoping to stop the discipline?'s a left over set back from Eden.

It's no different in the churches once a man or woman comes up against or under the real gospel, the gospel of lord Jesus the Christ it leaves no place to hide only room for change otherwise they will run to a  place where the gospel of mum is being preached looking for the pillow for the head, the pat on the back and the smile from the generous judge (minister) who supports the idea of living in sin and sides with the sinner one's perfect, we all sin even St Paul went on in sin after his conversation on the Damascan road. It will be alright don't you remember......we are saved by grace alone / grace without conditions, grace without responsibility, grace without accountability to God, grace alone... Hebrews 10:29.

All the good intentions in the world..........whether they be from mum, dad, aunty Flo or uncle Bill, the church of the left behind saints, the goats head soup bible college or the save the dolphin society........these are not able to save your soul from eternal hell fire. But the gospel of lord Jesus the Christ is able, capable and available today, right now if you are willing to stop fooling yourself and all who are stupid enough to be pandering after you............1 Timothy 4:16.

Jesus came to save souls not make you Australian Idol, Miss America, Winner of the World Peace Prize, Australian of the Year or Fund Raiser of the Year.

There is no second prizes in heaven. There is only one prize it is first prize it is a crown of life and it is for all who have loved (obeyed) him / Jesus................2 Timothy 2:5, James 1:12, Hebrews 5:9.
It is best to obey God rather than man or woman.
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Acts 5:29
PS.......I had the honour to introduce my dear mum to lord Jesus the Christ some time before she died and moved on................(she repented)...........Thank you Jesus!
Footnote: Matriarchal gospels, houses, churches, parliaments, police stations, ministries and marriages can never please God not the he God named Jesus the Christ anyway..............matriarchal relates to female as head.