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THE FALSE EVANGELIST sows false seed, that is:
  • A hybrid gospel, begetting a cross-breed of flesh and spirit, hot and cold i.e. lukewarmess.
  • A popular gospel, because it does not challenge all sin, unrepented of once and for all, here and now.
  • A lying gospel, because it incorporates such false principles as: 'No one is perfect - (free from known sin)'; 'Believe with your head on Jesus Christ, and lie with your mouth His Lordship, and you are saved; 'Once you are saved, you are always saved'; 'God's love and grace are unconditional'; 'God loves the unrepentant sinner, but hates his sin';
  • Many manipulation of Scriptures to excuse and deceitfully give a licence for unrepentance in practice;.......Psalm 5:5, Genesis 3:4.
  • A false-hope gospel, because it gives people a false peace and even  joy and even a type of experience in the Spirit (new wine in  an old wine skin!) The 'convert' is made to feast at Jesus's 'table' without his clean and white wedding garment on. If he ever had one, it has become spotted by the world.'

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And the effect of this?

It is a case of SEED SOWN ON STONY GROUND, which cannot endure the heat of 'the full counsel of God' bringing 'tribulation and persecution' and separation from the flesh and that which is fleshy, as it is revealed or as it seeks to return............Acts 20:26, 27.

Or, the flesh and spirit are hybridised into a hardy truth-resistant weed variety which does well on stony ground - an outward 'form of godliness, but which denies the power of godliness' to save from sin............John 1:29.

IN BRIEF the false evangelist sows false seed among stones and usually gets an instant bumper crop of PREMATURE BABES, born before their time, out-of-wedlock to Christ(?), to be kept alive (?) on the milk and lolly-water drip, and in the incubator of a socially very active and flesh-friendly fun and family (wait for it)!
  • Humour and a laughing audience are the hallmark of his meetings.
  • He will have more invitations than he has time to fulfil.
    Interestingly, in these last days particularly, such a false gospel will often be accompanied by 'great signs and wonders' (including 'prophecy and casting out devils'), 'deceiving many who love not the truth'. (See Matthew 7:22, 24:24, 2Thessalonians 2:9-12, 2Timothy 3:8, Revelation 13:14, etc.)
  • The $ sign will feature in every meeting and programme, and barcodes on all material.

Brother Donald Wilson
January 2004.