The Select and The Elect.
(the wide road and the narrow road)

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There is no doubt that this brand of church goer is abounding today and growing fast to their own detriment.

The select church goers are those who select the church they attend not Father, they select which scriptures they care to believe in, they select which scriptures they care to do and they select which word came from the lord God and which word they persistently say comes from the devil/satan/the snake.....Luke 6:46, Psalm 60:3.

The select church goers fights tooth and nail to get on top of life, their financial position, their social ladder, their community, their church membership, their past and their user friendly bible colleges.....1 Timothy 6:3-10, Luke 16:14, 15.

The select church thinks they are on the narrow road to glory all because they tithe from their gross income have done bible college or their dad (or mum) is a pastor, they subscribe to a worldly famous TV evangelist whose not saved from hell (or even known sin for that matter) either.....Matthew 23:28, Matthew 7:21-23.

The select church goer rails at the elect of God, these two are like chalk and cheese in comparison, darkness and light in comparison, righteous and unrighteous in comparison, belial and Christ in comparison, believer and unbeliever in comparison even Jezebel and Elijah.
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These are saints, holy, righteous, honest, true, humble, obedient to the Christ, not money lovers, people of faith and the faith, that is the doctrine of the Christ........Hebrews 5:9, 1 Timothy 4:16

The elect are few,
unwanted, cast out like a remnant of cloth which lies on the floor of a tailor shop............... ........(Matthew 7:13-14)

The elect live outside the gate, outside the gloss and glitter of the one world church, the harlot church the select, the ones who live by grace that is not only unconditional but unable to deliver from sin...................2 Peter 2:14, 1 Peter 5:5B.

The elect are despised by the world, rejected by the proud, esteemed not, hated by all men and women who live in sin. The elect are bold, brave,courageous, fearless, full of faith and holy ghost, departed from sin and suffer his, Jesus reproach.......Matthew 10:22. Hebrews 6:10.
  • Are You Of The Select Or The Elect?
  • The select are first at present but in the day of Yah will be last.
  • Pastor Paul Sheehan
    Galatians 1:10
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