Above all he is THE REPROVER.

His work is God's last act of mercy on the professed church before His eternal judgment.

He shows the church 'from whence they have fallen,' 'have a name that they live but are dead,' 'their names are blotted out of the Book of Life unless they repent,' and 'are miserable poor blind and naked' (though they think they are 'rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing').
  • He makes nothing but enemies, and pays for his (God's) message with his own skin.
  • He calls to account the 'fruit of the vineyard'.........'I know thy works', and bears the consequences!
  • He is the church's last safety net.
  • He is regarded as a false prophet, legalistic, a disturber of the peace and enemy of the church.
  • He promises no signs, wonders or anything magic to a 'wicked and perverse generation, but the sign of the prophet Jonas', a sign of judgment.
    Morals not miracles are his theme.

  • He identifies the anti-christ, 'the harlot' and 'the great falling away' (thought to be the last-day revival).
  • He is unphased by big 'show-business', big numbers, great popularity to much publicised good works, though 'the last be more than the first'.
  • He is literally 'a voice in the wilderness' without a following except of persecutors.

    If he ever does have any of the invisible 7000 with him, they would have to be called either Smyrna-ites or Philadelphians, or more Biblically still, the holy remnant.

    His is the FINAL MINISTRY 'for the PERFECTING OF THE SAINTS', that they should be 'as a SEPARATED BRIDE  adorned for her husband...........HOLY AND WITHOUT BLEMISH!'

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Brother Donald Wilson
"Seed Sown Services"
Luke 16:14, 15.