This particular word is called............."THE TUNE."

Once there was a tune and everyone knew how it went but as time went by people began to forget, until at last no one could remember and there was hatred, war and death.

Then one day somebody said....HOW DOES THE TUNE GO? the reply was, there is no tune..there never was, it is only a myth.....these were the philosophers......you mean there is no tune at all?...well it doesn't really matter what tune you play ....as long as you play....something......these were the religious leaders and so the world played on. And there was hatred and wars and death, then one day the people became weary and they all sat down on the side of a hill, then suddenly they heard a very strange voice and somebody said...........

That sounds like the tune!....there is no tune!...there never was!.....there never will be!.....well, it doesn't really matter what tune you play, as long as you play something and you don't hurt anyone especially me!

But the people listened and a man appeared before them with a smile on his face and a sad look too and he was singing the tune and some of the people began to sing along. And the people who loved him decided to follow him and the people who hated him decided to kill him and they did. And when it was finished they all went back to their houses of philosophy and religion and they sat down to eat and to drink.

Suddenly they were interrupted by a familiar voice and they ran to their windows and looked outside to see who it was.......it was Him! and they became confused and afraid and they wondered how they could get rid of Him, once and for all and while they were watching Him something very strange happened.

How did he do that?.....I don't really know one said, but He's gone and when trouble goes, you don't ask where........He'll never return, ever again I hope.

Yet again they were interrupted......and this time they ran out into the street to lay hold of him...just a lot of people smiling and they all knew the tune. And when the people made a mistake, they stopped and they listened.......that's how they knew the tune.......BECAUSE THEY LISTENED! And if you listen, you'll hear it, it's all around you!....JUST LISTEN TO THE RADIO, WATCH THE TELEVISION, LISTEN TO THE LEADERS, TO THE AUTHORITIES, TO THE GOVERNMENT.........TO THE EXPERTS!

But if you really listen...you can hear another tune.....but you have to listen quietly and you have to listen every day.

                                                                                                                                                   ..LARRY NORMAN. 

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