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It was....the words that proceeded out of his mouth that all marvelled at, it was not the physical performance. It was not his associates standing on the religious platform with him. It was not his cloths, diamond rings on his fingers or his community acceptance.

It was....the words that proceeded from his mouth. Not the government officials who were invited to his meet. Not the worldly connections, he had. Not the grand auditorium he spoke in. Not the mixed bag doctrine he presented but the words that proceeded from his mouth. I just love this revelation that Father allowed me to see....flesh and blood could never reveal this to me for flesh and blood, carnal men and women are bound by the acceptance of men and women, what they see with their natural eyes and grandiose vanities. That which men and women esteem great is in fact an abomination to God. But that which is small in the eyes of men and women is great in the eyes of God/Yahweh.........Luke 16:14, 15.

This is our case here. These religious leaders, hypocrites didn't applaud the Christ the holy scriptures say that they were gob smacked, they marvelled, they just could not believe their little religious eyes or their big religious ears.....(Click here).

The Christ at this time was operating as teacher pastor, prophet, evangelist and apostle all in one hit, the proclamation of verses eighteen and nineteen confirm this clearly. Jesus makes 300 page books into leaflets.

Can you see that it's......what comes from your mouth......that makes you what you are not what surrounds you, who surrounds you, who accepts you or who supports you. You will be known by your words. Whether that be lukewarm, compromised, forked tongued, word player, false words of death or true words of life.

Gracious words....are by no means words that tickle ears, mislead, deceive, delude or deter people from Christs Doctrine which is the only (exclusive) way.
At the end of the day, men and women of all ranks and religions in this world may take hold of a pulpit ranging from Presidents to Multi-Millionaire Church Leaders down to the school podium at speech night. The humbling point is this.....when you open your mouth you will be searched out to be found either true or false, one with great swelling words of nothing or one who hits the nail on its head.

You will be found to be just froth and bubble or fresh water on a hot day. You will be found to know what you are talking about or not....Sent by God or men and women.
2 Peter 2:18-22.
You will be found to be a photocopy minister or an original, a plagiar or genuine, a cheat and philosopher or a servant of Yahweh.......Colossians 2:8, Galatians 1;10.

When you open your mouth people will say as these religious hypocrites said but is this not just, only, that bloke, that nobody, that one we never endorsed as a minister?......the son of the poor village girl....that Josephs son down the road.

So when you open your mouth you will either have it or you will not have it and no numbers, money, religious endorsement, governmental acceptance or watered down gospel can provide it. Father calls, Jesus saves, Holy Ghost teaches.

The spirit of the lord was without any doubt upon this one....messiah, the Christ, Jesus and it wasn't to build buildings, make a name for himself or make himself rich, collect tithes or sell Isaiah's Prophecies at a reduced price even a red light special. (Click here).

I wait for people to open their mouth and preach, teach and prophecy it is then holy ghost not people,(not denominations or demonisations, bible colleges or big band crusaders).....but the paraclete who tells me, shows me and convinces me who they are, what they are and what they have got. (Click here).

If I am not able to hear them open their mouths I reach out for one of their teachings and then I can be also enlightened on how great thou art for the mouth speaks what's in the heart........amen?

Your words will condemn you or justify you on the day of judgement.
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Galatians 1:10, Matthew 12:37
130904........(click here)
Footnote: Once you open your mouth you tell the world who you really are. St Peter did, didn't he?......are you word of (fake) faith, OSAS, man, woman or God/Jesus pleaser, RCC, one world church, ecumenical, anti-cross-pro worldling or just plain cold religious?.................Matthew 26:73