"Those who feared the Lord"
spoke to one another-Malachi 3:16-18.

Shoo, go away, stop annoying me, let me be as I want to be. Stop telling me my sin, stop spoiling all our religious fun, stop it. Isaiah 58:1

Stop immediately!.....no more letters, faxes, your mail is unsolicited and unwanted. We have our own store house of teachers and preachers who tell us what we want to hear (for a price of course)......2 Timothy 4:3, 4.

But we don't mind, just don't judge just take the sword of the spirit away from our comfortable religious side shows and leave us to make a name for ourselves, OK?.....shoo go away!

You're like a fly, a pest, always reminding us that there is a day of judgement and doom, stop it, prophecy to us good (sensual) things, smooth words of love, prosperity, greatness and gold.......Jeremiah 23:25-30.

Stop it, shoo, go away....................go prophecy somewhere else but stay away from us at Bethel, ok?...... .............Amos 7:12,13.

Shoo go away or we will complain about your love for our souls destiny. Just let us.....gratify... the crowd, the subscribers rather than Father as all cowards and christendom christians do and have always done.....Mark 15:15.

Please remove our name from your mail list today!....we are not interested we have no interest what so ever in truth we prefer the many not the few. We are tired of budgeting our finances and living like plain Janes, it's time to empower ourselves as our sister Eve did......sisters are doing it for themselves!....Esther 1:17-22.

If you are not sure what I am talking about here click on to this here little square and you will..........I hope.
Like Father like son
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Galatians 1:10

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