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Brother Donald Wilson




We're open for business the devil and I or so was it once me believing a lie, the lie of Gods grace irrespective of sin, excused by professing...........the blood saves again.........Genesis 3:4, Psalm 5:5.

And our trade kept on growing the devils and mine we dealt in dog refuse and the wallow of swine, our gospel was soft, full of love so we thought not knowing in devils we sold and we bought............... 2 Peter 2:21

( reference Luke 13: 6-9.)

We provided a ticket unconditional to heaven for the ticket once taken forgave seventy times seven and we praised such a saviour who provided this scheme not awake to the was only a dream.....Matthew 7:21-34, 2 Corinthians 13:5,6.

But the day of true reckoning had to come as for all, when I found that our debts were in fact on full call and were never forgiven like most churches said..for repentance had just been a word in my head......... Matthew 3:8.

It was mercy that revealed this before the great day when my chance would be over with nothing to pay, I was saved from the curse that had plagued the whole race...religion which deals out but a smile for your face.........1 Peter 4:1.

Abetted by doctrines bible based but of devils, pronouncing God's blessing covering ongoing evils, like the white wash not the washed white of Romans 10/9 forgetting 2 Peter 2:22 referring to the swine..... think deeply.

So twas grace of true measure that opened my eyes, I had to be truthful no more living lies and then on that basis the blood did wash well and by faith I am changed as my life now does tell........................... Luke 15:21, Philemon 1:10,11.

So we're open for business the dear Lord and I, and I tell you we deal not with pie in the sky but a gospel that saves from the nature of sin, for the truth is the basis of the truth now within........Romans 6:1-23.

And though super the markets of John three sixteen the deal now includes what does really make clean, repentance and faith at the roots in the heart not alone in the mouth or the mind though in part.......... Luke 6:46, Matthew 15:8,9.

And from there will more light we regenerate well, both in mind and in body each with good news to tell, so I invite you dear reader to join in this trade of getting and giving true graces all prepaid................ Hebrews 5:9.
  • May Father in heaven grant you the ability to comprehend that grace has conditions, please read 1 Peter 5:5B.
  • Only the humble receive grace and only those who believe shall not perish. To believe is to obey God's Word by the power of holy ghost.....John 3:16.

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