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G'day Paul...
         ... obviously, you're a man who thinks straight and says what he believes.
At this stage, I have no problem with that as most of your (few) faxes have been to my way of thinking too. (Not that I'm any PhD in the way of scripture!)

          I said "Hear! Hear!" to the bit about the Hillsong (sic) Rector this morning.

         The article about the "fairer sex" and their place in the scheme of Church things was  also of interest to me - and to two females who read it and agreed.

         Paul, I just want to know: :Where did you get my name?" I have no problem with this but it is of interest because I don't recall giving you my name and fax number. Are you one who subscribes to the teaching of Phillip Powell et al? ("I'm with him!", in case you're a-wondering.)

        I'm one who regularly prays for the Aussie Church and asks that true repentance will come upon the "Laodicean Church" of this Nation. It grieves many of us to see the "ear-tickling" stuff being handed-out as "Teaching or Preaching from the Word of God" these days.......but, alas, it doth not surprise me one iota!

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Thank you for sending your thoughts and expressing your passion for the truth.

It's just that I can not cope with the mountain of reading to be done and I have to ask you to stop sending faxes and mail.

However, I wish you well in your faithful endeavours.

Alan Owen
Professional and experienced tour guide (competitive and ready to please)