UNITY!...... how shall we find it, how shall we have it, what shall it cost us???
  • Is it cheap, costly or free???... 2 Corinthians 9:7-11.

Where there is unity, there will always be sacrifice.. I am talking about true unity, the only unity that will stand the test of time and weather all battles .. in the home, ministry, church, society or nation… Philippians 3:7.

In Australia at present and I would expect it to be no different anywhere
else in the world there is a type of unity, it is not the real thing but only a type .. the devil satan is a specialist in the (look alike business).

In the USA at present we have moslems, roman caltholics, baptists, buddhists and who knows who else in the one room together called love and unity. You can also add to the small list the aboriginal faith, they too have their god, they call ..the rainbow serpent .. Revelation 20:1-3.

This is the unity and love that will amount to nothing in the end, only a miserable life in hell fire for eternity ... 2 John 9-11.

  • Cross bearers can never have unity with compromisers .. sooner or later the life of the cross bearer will offend and stir the compromiser to anger and even physical violence.. remember what they did to Jesus the Christ, they hung Him on a tree ... the sacrificial lamb, so we could have unity with Father.

  • Cross bearers can never have unity with the lukewarm ..when the lukewarm look at the cross bearers all they see is these poor pitiful servants that have no honor from men nor do they have the goods of this world in abundance, sooner or later they shall depart company for good, even eternity.. Luke 16:19-21.

    When the cross bearer looks upon the lukewarm religious people of the world ... all they see are people who have never grown up and never given up their lives for the one who gave His life for them. The cross bearer weeps for the laodecian church attendees... Jeremiah 4:22.

  • Cross bearers can not have unity, true unity with pharisees .. the cross bearer is bold and raw in his ways while the pharisee is forever thinking on how he may interpret the holy bible .. pleasing man and God. The cross bearer is a man that answers with a yes or no and a pharisee always searches for the most convenient reply lest he fall out with the highly esteemed by men. Sooner or later they will lock swords and the line will be drawn.. Luke 16:14-15.

  • Cross bearers are not able to have unity with other religions all because holy ghost convicts them that if they were to betray the faith, the doctrine of Lord Jesus the Christ .. they may have the fellowship of many hypocrites but they will have no place in t e celestial city neither any part with the Christ. They would not be true servants but false... 2 Corinthians 6:11-18.

  • Cross bearers despise money, therefore money lovers despise the cross bearer for they know that they are not able to buy the souls of these cross bearing servants, they can not afford them .. this is an offense to the money lovers and it will be very quick for these two to become enemies.. Matt 6:24.

  • Cross bearers are forever looking to serve the Christ and His kingdom where the selfish are forever wanting to serve themselves a bigger slice of this present life and its dainties, the cross bearer will never keep company with the selfish .. he will flee, lest the disease strike him also. A little leaven will leaven the whole lump... 1 Corinthians 15:33,34.

  • The cross bearer will never make light work of the straight road, lest the pilgrim take his ease and stray but the mere professor of christianity will always make concessions for sin and slackness toward the master for after all the OSAS, once saved always saved teachers don't dare talk of the requirement and condition of carrying a cross in order to enter the kingdom of God. Hence the cross bearer has no time for the wide road ministers and ministries, churches and synagogues... Hebrews 2:3.

  • Cross bearers are partakers of His holiness therefore are very much content with Him alone and have no need to look to the left, and the right but look to Him. There is no room for prosperity preaching with the cross bearer because he is convinced that the reproach of the Christ is greater riches than the riches of Egypt. The covetous can not sit in the assembly of the cross bearer and visa versa... Hebrews 12:10.

  • The cross bearer has clarity of mind, because he carries his cross while the love and unity seekers are filled with confusion from the souls of their feet to the tips of their hair. Their doctrines change by the years and they are tossed to and fro with every entertainer that hits town. All because they say my will be done. The cross bearer will never receive counsel from such a one as this... Psalm 60:1-3.

  • The cross bearer will always find that he has the greatest friend in the universe in the Christ therefore will cease from being a man pleaser and die daily that he may draw nearer to Him whom he loves with all of his being .. the man pleaser and the woman pleaser will only ever know Jesus by name and story but never in intimacy .. for they have no cross.. 1 Corinth 2:2