Dear Paul,

Some of God’s people have fallen away (some.. a great number) because the shepherds don’t look after the flock, they are hirelings, What I mean to say is they are just hired hands and not really interested in the flock, I have experienced this at least twice in a real way in my own life and I see it all the time, people are falling away by the buckets full.

People are all over the place because they are fickle, fussy and easily become bored when they are not entertained. Paul, I do not have a television and I am starting of late to turn away from the radio, especially the so-called Christian radio programs because they too are mixing the values of the world and emotional hype with their message.

I know how to get someone emotional, I just sing them a meaningful song for that’s all it takes to touch their heart, I am a musician. I don’t do it anymore because this practice only gets them emotional it doesn’t lead them to Christ.

Paul, I believe the Brisbanites are beyond help I thought they would seek after God and if they did I would probably do what you are doing. There is no example in the bible that I can liken the people of this City/Brisbane to. They are truly dead, stagnant, unfeeling, cold and traditional.

I am aware that there are places that are a lot worse, it’s hard to keep a straight face when you start to see how dark this world really is and I am not laughing at what a joke the so called sons and daughters of God have become.

Paul, you were an encouragement to me after you gave me one of your books, now I want to encourage you. Like I said on the phone nearly all of what you say is spot on. It breaks my heart Paul to see what the human race has become and you know what?.. God’s heart is bleeding.

Paul, you are the only one that I know of and have met that is telling it the way it really is. Maybe God will spare the city of Brisbane but I doubt it.

If you pray for me I’ll be grateful
Thank you


  • John a young Italian man met Pastor Sheehan on the streets of Brisbane… (divine appointment)…. Luke 19:10….. 25/09/02


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