Where's the Connection?

(between Jesus and Positive Thinking)

The power of positive thinking is activated, operated and available to all and anyone who is easy enough to involve themselves. There is no connection between positive thinking and Jesus / God as most of the gurus and new age healers, doctors will tell you. With the exception of those who masquerade as gospel ministers.

Visualisation and placebo theory are part and parcel in this self help programme of soulic power. The placebo theory is the old sugar pill given in place of an active drug. In fact....it's all on par with AA and all the rest of the anonymous followers. A higher power of some description,, the old story of the power is within you number and the real hero, god and conqueror at the end of the day is......little old you. Which takes us all the way back to the start of life when satan the devil told Mrs Eve she could do it without Jesus / God Almighty...Genesis 3:5.

And Satan's message is still a high flying success in 2004. In fact Brian Houston of Hillsong Australia says.....his slogan is............"Do you realise what's in you can contribute hope to others?"

There it is again.....what's in you!.....whatever that is, whoever that is, is it a he or she or just a plain it?...At the end of the day, positive thinking is and possibility thinking is I believe no better than the secret handshake of the masonic lodge. You are either in or out, as for me and my house we are out.... Hebrews 13:12, 13.
  • Me and my house choose to speak the truth come what may.
  • Facts.....are inescapable truths or reality.
  • Life and Death is in the power of the tongue - You choose to speak truth which is life or lies which is death.
  • Satan is the father of every lie, Jesus is the truth NOT the positive.
The folly of fools is deceit
Pastor Paul Sheehan
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Footnote: Positive thinking is a practice which Jesus does not endorse neither does anyone need ask him for his endorsement.......simply ask the New Age Movement. Positive thinking is a self help, self glorifying and self destruction programmme of the devil, satan. Faith in Jesus is Gods way.