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.....especially when the wrongs, might, means and ends are as humanistic, pluralistic, athiestic, violent, unchristian and hypocritical as our present-day western society is - both secular and religious!

That is, for instance:
  1. We plausibly plead peace and disarmament, while we wage war with weapons of massive destruction!
  2. We worry about military forces threatening our freedom and greed, but disregard the immoral forces which are destroying the basic structure of our very existance!
  3. We nominate 'the axis of evil', but disregard the sinister sympathy between state, church and big business!
  4. We mouth, 'In God we trust', yet arm to the teeth like savages who would not know if He existed!
  5. We 'pray' God's blessing on our fighting forces - the God who in fact forbids fighting forces! ( John 18:36, Matthew 26:52, 5:39 & 44, Romans 12:19-21, Proverbs 25:21-22.)

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  6. We profess to be liberators of the oppressed, while being bound by every bondage and perversion known to man!
  7. We preach love and tolerance, which boils down to love for self and tolerance for sin - under cover of doctrinal darkness and worn-out misquotations, e.g.'Judge not'; and, 'No one is perfect', ( meaning in obedience to God!) etc.
  8. We talk Bible talk, yet do everything it says not to do!
  9. We supposedly uphold 'human rights', while trampling underfoot God's rights every step of the way!
  10. We brandish God's name ( when it suits ), but teach atheism in every state school!
  11. We proudly advertise our culture abroad, while the fabric of our society disintergrates before our very eyes!
  12. we no longer kill the enemy. ( They only kill us! ) We merely 'eliminate' or 'take them out'!
  13. We talk 'aid' for the underprivileged, while the mighty dollar remains our bottom line!
  14. Our churches, once the conscience of many nations, now excuse sin every way they know how!
  15. We no longer Christianise for Christ, but rather compromise and colonise ( commercially ) for the god of this world!
  16. We pay billions to educate the carnal brain, but totally disregard the illiteracy of the deadened conscience in respect of basic rights and wrongs and the knowledge of God!
  17. We produce enough food to kill the mortal body, with obesity, while the immortal soul stumbles on into a Christless eternity, a living skeleton!
Now you know why God is not with us!
And He says that outside of REPENTANCE
only judgment remains!

The good news of course is that you and I can
REPENT and be receivers of the true CHRISTIAN
SPIRIT-CHRIST! As opposed to religion and belief
in the weapons of massive destruction!

Brother Donald Wilson
Revelation 22:11


Brother Donald is the son of Pastor William Wilson / deceased preacher of righteousness who was a close friend and fellow minister with the well known Smith Wigglesworth......also deceased.


  • TO CONTACT BROTHER DONALD CALL........0438 160 137
    ( I am sure he will accommodate you )


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