(a real witness of deception)

CLICK "Yasser seemed to be Gods Man to the Palestinian people"

The funeral of the much loved, accepted and idolised Palestinian Leader Yasser Arafat was no doubt dramatic to say the least. They were convinced he was Gods Man as many are convinced Ben Hinn is also.

And we are all able if we are willing to learn from this funeral one very important lesson which shall pay priceless dividends in these last days......Matthew 24:23-25.
CLICK And that is not, all men or women who are idolised, worshipped, endorsed by multitudes, highly praised and followed by myriads of peoples are of God-Jesus The Christ.

Once again huge followings mean naught in today's world for the simple reason few find the narrow road yet many will make the decision and have already made their decision to take the wide road, the easy way, ,the way that seems right but isn't............... Proverbs14:12, Luke 13:22-24.
  • The old devil satan says...everyone is doing it, look at how many follow him/her, look at how many go to his/her meetings, God must be with them, look!, look!, look!.......
  • No! don't look but rather I say listen, listen to what comes out of their mouths and if it is not in line with the established cannon of the holy bible, if it is not the doctrine of the Christ who is Jesus, Yeshua, walk alone rather than follow the multitude to hell fire eternal.......amen.

    Just another soul saving warning of love for the world.
    Pastor Paul Sheehan
    Ezekiel 2:7
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Footnote: Seems means apparent but not in reality.....(Click)