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  • This is a little testimony of brother Shadrach Paul Sheehan in the second week of grade 1...2005.
shadschool.gif (1823 bytes) It was "Show and Tell" day at Shadrach's School. Brother Shadrach goes to a State School, a little light unto the gentiles you could say......

Shadrach was the first in the class to speak and this is what happened...

Brother Shadrach took the platform and said:

This is my book, I read it every day it's my favourite book. We have praise and prayer time in the morning before I watch the cartoons.
shadschool.gif (1823 bytes) In here is Gods Rules, don't steal, be kind, don't say bad words, respect your parents. This is where my dad got my name from.

From the story of Meshach, Shadrach and Abed-Nego in the fiery-furnace.

It was then question time.........
* One little boy asked - "where did you get the book?"
   Shadrach said - from the shop.
* Another little boy said, a very chubby little fellow said - I like that story!
* Teachers reply was - that is not a question.


shadschool.gif (1823 bytes) PS.....Because brother Shadrach was the only one who had a show and tell ready the teacher said:

We might have to have Shadrach speak every week if no one wants to prepare.