The full Counsel Newsletter - No 247

DO  NOT LET YOUR LEFT HAND KNOW.......WHAT YOUR RIGHT HAND IS DOING ...............................MATTHEW 6:3......SELAH!

(1 Corinthians 4:11)

Charitable deeds are done by the millions daily all through the world by christians, so called christian and worldling alike and we are barely able to distinguish between who are from the so-called church and who are outside where the dogs Jesus says anyway...Revelation 22:14, 15.

The left hand is part of the same body as the right hand yet the Christ says that when we give we should do it in such humility that no one would know, not even your hands would know what the other is giving hence.....Father gets the glory and men and women are not worshipping us but God.

Are we not just doing our good deeds before men and women?.....when we stand on platforms with giant sized cheques telling all how stingy we are. Yes, stingy, if you were to look at what these so called givers give in comparison to what they have they've given naught......ref/poor old widow with her 2 coins......Luke 21:1-4.

And Christendom are no different. I saw a so-called Pentecostal religious great on the Ben Hinn show, Oral Roberts giving in front of the world his offering cheque of  $1000 no cents. And I thought of what Matthew said and of  O.R. stingy offering and had a real good laugh.......(click here).

We never hear the end of the exploitation of the poor on religious TV shows and boy don't they turn on the water works, some even get a picture of themselves holding onto a water pump handle. They are sounding trumpets about what they do and are going to do for the poor, homeless and those in need. Most are even government funded and yet they still have the hide to say what they are doing.

Some of these gatherers have garages full of antique cars, valued at millions of dollars, houses that resemble palaces, fine apparel and have reserved seats at the best of restaurants, they are here to assist the poor, the homeless and the mentally sick. Store your treasure in heaven they say!!!!...(click here).

And you open their garage, front door and bank account and you need a javelin to get over it all. This letter is but a subtle, straight warning to all in such a position....Jesus said these were the ones called hypocrite!..(click here).

Secret giving is what we are looking at here today. My remark about Oral Roberts before, regarding his international announcement of his $1000 cheque for BH was most probably just another one of his power of suggestion theories, whatever it was it was not honest and it was done in the way of hypocrites.......Ephesians 5: 6-7, Matthew 6:2.

Did you know that when you give as Jesus said to give you have no right to ask for a written statement of where the monies went or for what the receiver is doing with it etc....I  thought the Lord-Jesus told you to give it? Your left hand didn't even know so how could you and how could anyone else unless of course it's all just in the flesh, the show and the realm of mere men and women. The biggest problem in the churches today from the pulpit to the usher at the front door.......people know each other after the flesh, they are led by the flesh kindling their own fire with rock 'n' roll, motor cycles on altars, dance girls doing the salsa and pastors/pastorettes dreaming of their big old jet airliner. As one of the present great rock groups of the world/Aria Awards said....."I would thank God but rock 'n' roll belongs to the Devil, he writes the best music"........the rock group is called ....Jet.........Isaiah 50:11

Pastor Paul Sheehan