The full Counsel Newsletter - No 329

 ● If God/Jesus wills I and you shall live one more day on this sin cursed earth.......James 4:15

(you can't be a beacon if your light don't shine)
  • TODD RUSSELL.....of the Beaconsfield Mine (blessing) Tragedy speaks his heart.

    The words of TR while buried one kilometre underground with his work mate were......."I will die in here".....God even took (allowed, let, permitted) Todd to 'New York' (a world stage) to tell them personally of his negative words that made him famous and rich.

    So what do we do with the hocus pocus talk of the religious charlatans of today's churches which says...."if you speak it, it will happen", speak positive....Matthew 15:14.
  • "If you speak negative, negative things will happen"

    I suggest you put their advice in the rubbish bin with all the rest of their man (and woman) made  (new age) doctrines brought about through twisted bible scripture for the fattening of their own bellies and interests......2 Peter 2:1-3.

    Once again God Almighty confounds the world and uses a man not even 'born-again' at that time to prove that men and women may speak many words with their mouth but the great and mighty God, Jesus the Christ will make his decision if those words will come to pass or not 9:18......1 Samuel 3:19.

    The ye old pentecostal pirate gang of Copeland, Hinn, Savelle, Meyer, Hagin/deceased, Schuller and Son, Price and Dollar, Hickey and Avanzini to mention a few have been shown for what they really are, heretics and 'peddlers of the holy bible'! $$$
    Note: Just another whistling canary in the coal mine of the world

    P.S. For many years (daily) as a drunkard I spoke out of my mouth in a drunken stupor...."I don't care what people think it's a well known fact I'm gunna die from drink." It never happened and never will.

Pastor Paul Sheehan