The full Counsel Newsletter - No 335

● The following is a testimony of a police officer from Police Headquarters in Brisbane City..........Sergeant Doug is from the 'Church of Christ Denomination'.


Another new day is here where work, community and personal events will present themselves and create the daily challenge.
It's 6.20am, a very cool winters morning, and the sun struggles to rise above the city landscape. There on a street corner, a figure of a person, small in statue but big in heart, smiles and greets all who would pause a moment.
I experience an up-lifting of my heart and soul as a "God-filled smile" shares this new day with me. For you see a smile, a "God-filled smile" is:-
S is for  Saviour who has forgiven my sins;
M is for My acknowledgement that 'Jesus is Lord' of My life;
I is for the reminder, I have Jesus with me each step of the way;
L is for the Love that God has for each and everyone of us; and
E is the Encouragement God gives through a Smile from people like the street-side figure.

Thank you for sharing that smile Pastor Paul Sheehan and
may we all KEEP-ON SMILING
for Him.

P.S. The Hymn you sang the other true it is......
        "What a friend we have in Jesus".
Footnote by: JTCM........(text - John 14:23)

Dear reader, you also can be forgiven of your sins (if you repent) and make (allow) Jesus the Christ to be your lord (owner, ruler) and he will be with you (as long as you remain with him) all the way, for God-Yahweh loves to save sinners from hell fire. Then you (like the street-side figure) will be able to smile and people from all walks of life will be able to recognise that your smile is no ordinary (plastic) smile but (a supernatural smile) the smile of almighty God's encouragement (grace) passing through an earthen

Pastor Paul Sheehan