The full Counsel Newsletter - No 336


(this is fresh manna for the disciplined, heavenly conversationalist)
A manner is a way of doing things. And Jesus the Christ was never in the habit of doing things the way mere men and women of religion done them. Some call this particular piece of scripture 'the lord's prayer or 'the our father!

I choose to call it 'Jesus complete and only teaching, advice and successful way for all to pray'. Messiah was simply saying keep this basic outline in mind, at heart, in view, when you approach Father and you will be heard. It's a posture of gratitude and humility.

This 'Prayer Manner' that the Christ revealed to his disciples and all who choose to be his disciples is actually a root heart-condition. A forever constant frame of mind to live in as we pray without ceasing and in all other aspects of prayer life. Just as the armour of God is not something we talk about but walk

Most peoples have never heard Paul Sheehan speak, preach, teach about prayer, all because prayer is so uniquely personal, individual and intimate. I Believe very intimate, yes, even holy. Jesus never wrote books about prayer for Jesus is God and God can explain himself in very few words and if need be no words at all. Prayer is from the heart, spirit of man not the mouth.

Yahweh's ability to be infinitely concise is one of the multitudes of astonishing characteristics of his being that has always left me in awe of Jesus told us how to pray , why insult him by thinking there's another way - manner.

It offends Father when people, male or female set out to read prayers from books rather than from their own hearts, this is religious and useless. JTCM has their own prayer however, that we use as a suggestion for people if they would care to ask Jesus to forgive and cleanse them from their sins. This prayer was given to me by Father as I realised, got revelation of what I had done after I gave my life, not my words or lips but life to Messiah. Prayer is to acknowledge Yah.

Even so, Jesus makes this suggestion and more than a suggestion rather a premise for all intended requests and thanksgivings. All verses in this teaching on prayer in Matthew 6:9-13 go to make up and cover every area of the christian soldiers life from the being born a second time to the completing of the race of faith. Do you notice I said that it was a race of faith in order to receive the crown that is given to all and only 'bonafide' children of God-Yahweh........'The Crown of Life'

Before I finish this small piece of advice, let me draw your attention to the last two verses of the paragraph, verses 14, 15 of the same chapter. Do you see what Jesus the Judge of the human race said......'forgive men and women of the sins they committed against you'. You may not know this but Jesus requires all men and women to repent prior to him forgiving them, your minister may not have told you this, he may not know. And their is confirmation of this requirement all the way through the holy bible. Messiah tells us all that the same requirement goes for 'christians' who have sinned against each other, there must be repentance, for they 'know what they do'......ref/Colossians 3:13 - "as the Christ forgave you".

● I was not (am not) forgiven till I repented and never will be, and neither will you.......amen.

Pastor Paul Sheehan