(grace is the opportunity)

If this article bores you, you need to be honest with yourself and admit you love wordplay more than revelation knowledge - "the excellence of the Knowledge of the Christ". You can repent and be redeemed, if you humble yourself.


The problem with this statement is that biblical grace never has and never will overlook unrepented, known, ongoing sin. But what does happen is men, women and youth start believing and living in such a manner that they start 'trading on grace'.
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If we are going to call grace, at least the grace of God/Yah anything let's call it......the power plant, the place we access by biblical faith-obedience to God (up to the light we have, just as our dear brother Wilson has taught us) re: click here now.

These are beautiful but heavy words, especially for all those (many) who in today's church society who are fighting tooth and nail to uphold their man made doctrines such as once saved really saved, grace alone or faith alone or absolute predestination.....please read Hebrews 3:12-15 slowly, over and over and over again...... (click here)
Opportunity to be born-again, empowered to overcome known sin, walk in the doctrine of the Christ, be more than overcomers and finally receive a crown of life, counted worthy to escape great tribulation and hell fire.................Luke 21:36.
We access the grace by faith. To say that we are saved by grace alone or faith alone is to defy and deny the established canon and we have plenty of that today don't we?....Ephesians 2:8, 1 Peter 3:1-6.....(click here)

The answer for me wasn't grace, at least not grace alone but the answer for me was to repent of my sins, follow Jesus - do what his doctrine says, and I was not able to do that without his/Yahweh's Grace. Not to forget that he also gave me faith as well, to access this power/grace, in which I stand today.....(click here)
To entertain such a way is like a cart with no horse or a rifle with no bullets or a church with no holy ghost........good for nothing but the scrap heap. Christ tells us........."by grace through the gift of faith" glory for any bible graduate, pope, bible dean, third-world worker, well digger or convention organiser. No, no glory or salvation by flesh works/good deeds/charitable works or false humility of blowing trumpets about our giving, helping or aiding and abetting Ishmael/Muslims, Buddhist or Hindu Religions.

For even to do his commands is basic duty (and many fall short there) yet most churches and their leaders somehow think they have done something out of the box, all because, they have not heard him/Jesus or been taught by him/Jesus but have sat at the feet of mere men and even women teachers of men (whether that be by letter or by bodily presence)......Ephesians 4:20-24, Luke 17:10.

Hence, there is no entry into the awesome grace (Power) of Yah by any other way save by faith/biblical faith. A faith that says Jesus is lord even of and over their own life and not just 'Jesus is Lord'.
Grace is not the answer, the blood is not the answer, holy ghost is not the answer, Father is not the answer, 40 day programs are not the answer neither is giving more monies and time to the local church.........(1 Timothy 4:16 - continue)

Not even the holy bible is the answer or the reading or meditating or memorising of it. Actually there is no answer for unrepentant sinners whether they be in the world or in a building with a cross out front, no matter whether the building is packed with no standing room or its made out of crystal or straw. Only a fearful expectation of eternal living hell-fire!....awaits unrepentant sinners and those defiantly living in known sin......... ....2 Thessalonians 1:8
  • Anyone who has rejected Moses law dies....without mercy....on the testimony of two or three witnesses........
  • Of how much worse punishment?.......(worse)
  • Do you suppose will he (or she) be thought worthy, who has trampled the son of God underfoot, counted the blood of the covenant?....
  • By which he (or she) was, was, was, was, sanctified a common thing and insulted the spirit of grace-holy ghost?........Hebrews 10:28, 29.......selah!....(Click here)
Repentance and forgiveness is what is to be preached as well as continuance in the Faith.
Pastor Paul Sheehan - Unprofitable Servant
Luke 24:47, Romans 11:22, 2 Peter 2:21, 22.
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P.S...Unbelief is evil; Sin is deceitful and departure is possible - be warned today...Hebrews 3:12-15.

Footnote: As I said, grace is not the answer, grace is a gift and never can a soul access God's Grace-Power least they come by the way of faith, biblical faith. Obedience takes humility. The answer is to 'stand in the grace' which takes obedience to the Christs Doctrine - Abiding in the Vine-Desiring Fathers Will.....................
  • Hebrews 5:9, John 15:6, John 7:17.....unless we give up our life we die eternally.