The full Counsel Newsletter - No 421

(no better than an uprooted silver-beet,...'Jesus' condolences)

I have always seen this particular word as a real classic, it shows us Jesus Attitude to no end. A young man's dad just died (but was not a follower of Jesus) and Jesus being omniscient knew too well the dead man was no follower, lover of God - so he totally wiped him and told the young man to do the

Something most churches would strenuously battle with in today's emotionally-wayward-world. Unlike the Mormon Church who baptise the dead by proxy for salvation, Jesus the Christ wipes them off his list of guests at his wedding feast. The Mormons apparently love their secret rituals and handshakes just as the Masonic Lodge does but these two have one thing far more destructive in common......neither of them have Jesus as their God neither do they adhere to his

Mormons also believe that men and women are married for eternity but the holy bible totally disagrees with this, which once again places 'Mormonism' hand in hand with most of the man-made religions of the world and of course on the wide-road all the way to hell-fire-eternal.......Matthew 22:23-33....selah!

We often hear of churched peoples talking on radio shows and TV about going to heaven and saddling up with their wives and family members from the earth zone and living happily ever after (on earthbound terms).....hog-wash, not printed in the holy bible. There is no marriage in heaven neither is there any sex. So the Muslim story about the many virgins awaiting the martyrs for the time of their life is but fallacy, well according to the writings of Jesus anyway. Not that people bother too much about what he says these

Genealogies is another big favourite of the Mormons and yet again another no no,, for Jesus, the Jesus of the Holy Bible. He says genealogies only cause disputes and not to take heed of them or any other lies............ ...2 Timothy 1:4.

Genealogies are becoming more and more popular by the day to all varieties of pagans worldwide. People somehow think that they might just happen to find out who they really are then everything will be alright. Then they can go to hell in peace knowing that their lineage traced back to that long line of chimney sweepers in old London town, who done it so-ard. Look no further, Jesus tells us who we all are....sinners, unclean and unrighteous but we can repent, be forgiven and saved...Isaiah 64:6.

The family tree and DNA a sure blessing for any sinner to take to hell with them for eternity, a real treasure, I must say. We're not really hearing much about the real Jesus these days but this is to be expected, after all, the real Jesus said 'many' false proclaimers would rise up and deceive many and isn't it exactly what he said?

Take  a look at 'Ecumenical Babylon'....Mormons, Roman Catholics, Jehovah Witnesses, Penny-Costal, Evangelicals, Buddhists, Muslims, Worldwide Church of God, Hillsong, 7th Day Adventists, American Prosperity 700 Club, Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer, Ken Copeland, Jesse Du Plantus, The Crystal Cathedral, AOG, CCC, COC, Baptists, Uniting Church, Anglican (muslim) Church etc.....

Let the dead (those who follow not the Jesus of the bible) bury their own.....Amen

Pastor Paul Sheehan