Would God Lie?
Can God Lie?
(another promise of God - 2 Timothy 4:3, 4)
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    Joyce unleashes more of her (wives tales) wisdom upon the national TV networks; and the people love it.........click.
  • 7.12.2006/"What's Been On Your Mind"...ref/ The Battlefield of the Mind Series.......
Quote: You may be born-again but have no knowledge of scripture, truth, yet still you will go to heaven........click
You can be born-again but still not have the victory and still go to heaven .....Romans 6:14

You may be born-again and not applying the word to your life but still going to heaven ....James 1:22.
Hence Joyce (like all heretics) believes and teaches and leads multitudes of blind peoples to hell with them, as they all agree to cheer each other up with half truths and positive thinking creeds that will  prove to be the eternal death of them all on the day of judgement........click

On review of this rebellious woman's doctrine, we find she believes that a person can be born again, have no knowledge of God's Word/Truth, have no victory over (known) sin and not apply the word of God to your life yet still be saved from the wrath to come and hell fire eternal. I firmly believe this teaching of 'hers' tells all that there is a very good reason to believe that Joyce is not even saved herself but she certainly does enjoy "everyday carnal life"......click.

Joyce's high point and emphasis is always upon (self) getting to heaven when her goal should be God. This kind of attitude will be rife in the last days but the shocking truth is, only few find the narrow gate, no liars shall enter says Yahweh!.......click 
  • The Paraclete Regiment/JTCM - Australia
    Pastor Paul Sheehan
    Galatians 1:10

    Note: Joyce's words are recorded.