(how many times did he leave the house?)

The parable of the prodigal son........would have to be one of the most used and let me also say abused stories in the holy bible. Just as the ye old baptist, pentecostal versions of..........John 3:16.........(click here).

We only ever seem to hear the story from the prodigals side of the coin don't we and the other side of the coin is of course ..........the older son.

What do we know about the older son?............except most call him religious.

We know that the older son was faithful, was hard working, reliable and whether churches and their leaders may care not to mention it, he was a Godly man.

I, like Paul the apostle want not to hold anything back from the souls of the earth that maybe helpful to them in the battle between light and dark, therefore I want to make known to all that although the..........older son.......was angry with his younger brother he was not in sin and had a very good reason to be angry as he was......ref/Matthew 5:22, Ephesians 4:26, Hebrews 3:10, 11.........(click here).

The truth is, many a man and woman will land themselves in hell fire all because ministers in their want to gain...(numbers, fame and fortune with human  acceptance)......have only ever told one side of the story to the flock, churches.

By this I mean these ministers have flogged the older son to death, making him an undesirable and forever lifted up the position of the prodigal making way a broad way, a hollywood way for (so called) christians to come in and go out of relationship with the Christ as their flesh pleases.....(click here).

Feeding the people doctrines that can only be aligned with Balaam and the Nicolaitans. Anointed ministers gone astray mixing state with church and lowering his/Jesus standard when necessary to gain their carnal visions at the expense of human souls..............2 Peter 2:1-3.

Yes, the devil does use scripture and does it daily for your convenience and ultimately your destruction. The prodigal son just like the good samaritan story in truth tells of two men.......who dealt with their problem.

The prodigal did what he did once it was not a repetitious thing as the man robbed on the road and the good samaritan helped him. The good samaritan was not going down the same road every day helping up the same man who was bashed and robbed. Repetition is of religions of men and women, deliverance is from my God/Jesus the Christ.......that is if you want to be delivered, transformed.

Let us not put stumbling blocks before God's people but make things very clear and straight that all which is dislocated may be healed once and for all times.

The solid foundation is departure from sin!
Pastor Paul Sheehan
2 Timothy 2:19

P.S. .......I myself was no prodigal or older son I was worse than both I was an outright filthbag sinner deserving hell fire eternal.
But even I have always believed and still believe in a fair trial a just balance, all true prophets do. All have sinned but few cease to sin.........Romans 6:1, 2, , 22, 1 Peter 4:1, Isaiah 64:6, Matthew 7:14
  • The prodigal was a backslidder from a Godly household not a pagan sinner (from an ungodly household), as I was.